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Why does the water-cooled cable not leak?_Water-cooled cable principle

Time: 2019-08-19

Many devices will heat up for a long time, even the cable is also, if the current is large, it will be easy to heat, and the phenomenon of heat will affect the normal work and service life. Water-cooled cable is a kind of cable that uses water to cool down. Because it solves the problem of heat generation, the working strength and capacity of water-cooled cable are much higher than that of ordinary cable. We all know that the water we usually see on the day is electrically conductive. Why does the water-cooled cable not leak? What is the principle of a water-cooled cable?


Water-cooled cable is a new type of cable. Its main feature is hollow water. It is generally used in special electric cables for high-current heating equipment. It is used for medium-frequency, power-frequency and high-current transmission. It usually consists of an outer sheath tube, a wire and an electrode, that is, a cable head. Ordinary water-cooled cable, the electrode is made of copper tube and copper tube welded, and the connection with the equipment is not tight. The wire is made of bare copper wire and has a large bending radius. The outer sheath tube is made of ordinary rubber hose, which has low pressure resistance. The sleeve and the electrode are fastened by ordinary clamps. The sealing performance is not so good, and it is easy to leak water. Therefore, do not use water-cooled cables that are not of good quality. Water-cooled cable, the electrode is made of integral copper rod, milled, and the surface is also passivated or tinned. The wire is made of tinned copper stranded wire or enameled wire, which is woven by CNC winding machine with small bending radius and high softness. The outer sheath tube is a synthetic rubber tube with a reinforcing cloth layer and high withstand voltage. The copper clamp used between the sleeve and the electrode is fastened by cold extrusion of professional equipment, and has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak. So using water-cooled cables is safer and more secure.

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