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Steel pipe spray quenching production line internal spraying device

Time: 2019-08-26

    The internal spray device is mainly composed of a set of nozzles and a hydraulic three-way valve, and quenches the steel pipe in synchronization with the external shower device. The inner spray water first enters the three-way valve to divert: when quenching, the three-way valve spool is lifted, the water enters the inner spray pipe, and is sprayed from the inner spray nozzle to quench the inner surface of the steel pipe: after the quenching is completed, the three-way valve The core falls and the water enters the return pipe and drains back to the reservoir. The three-way valve is driven by a cylinder and controlled by a proportional valve. It has the characteristics of short opening time, large flow and small impact. Since the steel tubes of different diameters have different center heights on the support wheel of the rotating device, the nozzle adopts a conical eccentric structure, so that the nozzle mouth is concentric with the steel pipe. The outlet is a cylindrical straight end, and the inner spray water is sprayed in a column shape. The diameter of the nozzle is determined according to the inner diameter of the steel pipe, and is generally 10 mm to 20 mm smaller than the inner diameter of the steel pipe.

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