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Induction melting furnace rectification part debugging method

Time: 2019-09-06

1. Correct the phase sequence of the incoming busbars. The phase sequence of the six-phase output busbars A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, and C6 of the rectifier transformer and the power supply cabinet incoming line are the same. (A1, B3, C5 are a set of phase sequences, and A2, B4, and C6 are another set of phase sequences)

2. If the phase sequence is the same, the phase-shifting lamp of the rectification trigger board is off, and the phase-sequence lamp is bright when the phase sequence is different. The output busbar of the rectifier transformer needs to be exchanged.

3. Detecting the rectification trigger pulse (the two-way rectifier bridge needs to be detected by an oscilloscope alone)

First rectification pulse


Second rectification pulse


The above rectified 12-way pulse amplitude is 2-3V, and the time interval required to measure each pulse should be the same.

3. Detect the output voltage waveform of each rectifier bridge

Remove the connection between the common anode and the common cathode of the rectifier bridge and the filter capacitor below, and connect the dummy load in parallel on each rectifier bridge.


(Generally use 500W/220V bulbs in series, only the incoming line voltage × 1.35÷220)

First rectifier bridge output waveform (detected with oscilloscope)


Second rectified output waveform (detected with an oscilloscope)


Two-way rectifier bridge combined rectification 12-pulse output waveform (detected with oscilloscope)


Note: The rectifier adjustment board CS3 point adjusts the W5 potentiometer to 9V, and the CS2 point adjusts the W6 potentiometer to 9V.

The two large potentiometers are adjusted to 10 scales.

When the above waveform is not reached, adjust the W4 and W2 potentiometers (4046 voltage control per channel)

4. Connect the filter capacitor and close the rectifier bridge (pull the knife, press the energy storage, close the switch, press the rectifier, the DC voltage rises), and run the rectifier bridge for 5 minutes without load. (DC voltage = 2.7 × incoming voltage)

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