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Technical knowledge of high current water cooled cable

Time: 2019-09-07

Technical knowledge of high current water cooled cable

The water-cooled cable is a special type of cable used for high-current heating equipment. It is usually composed of three parts: electrode (cable head), wire and outer sheath tube.

The structural form of the water-cooled cable:

The large-section water-cooled cable crimps 300~500mm2 copper stranded cables into one. Generally, the cross-sectional area of each cable is between 1200-6000mm2, and 2~4 cables per phase, which greatly simplifies the layout and structure of the short net. Because the copper strands in each cable are geometrically transposed, the current of the copper strands is uniform; the insulation between the copper strands is separated, the mutual position is fixed, the position between the whole cables is pulled apart, and the gravity is affected by gravity. The influence of the copper strands and the copper joints are not integrated with each other; the copper joints are crimped into one body, the copper joints have a large area, and are processed surfaces. Therefore, the contact surfaces have good performance; the cables and joints are all cooled by water, and the cooling effect is good. Therefore, the large-section water-cooled cable greatly improves the reliability of the operation; in addition, the position between the cable bundles is fixed, so that the change in the reactance value is small, and the arc is also stabilized. Because its superiority is very prominent, it is widely used at home and abroad.

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