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Principle of crystallizer for horizontal continuous casting machine

Time: 2019-09-11

The crystallizer, secondary cooling zone, tension leveler, cutting equipment and other equipment of the flat continuous casting machine are in a horizontal orientation, and the center bag and the crystallizer are closely connected. The center water inlet is connected to the crystallizer and has a separate ring. When the blank is drawn, the crystallizer is not sensation, but is completed by the billet moving the casting blank to perform the periodic movements of pulling, stopping, pushing and stopping. The horizontal continuous casting machine is the lowest height continuous casting machine.



However, because it can't stop, the machine needs to replace the precious ring and repair the crystallizer and graphite sleeve. It can't be turned on continuously for more than 24 hours. The crystallizer can't be smooth, and the three key technologies, such as the messy equipment, are too messy, so it is not widely used. Since the crystallizer is curved, the drawn billet is also curved.


Both the crystallizer and the second cold section are equipped on a quarter arc. Before the straight slab is straightened, it moves downward along the arc and condenses. The straight center is cut straight before the straight center cut point. When the slab is straightened, the inner arc extends outward, and the outer arc kneads inward, because the five-roller straightening machine is straightened at a single point, in order to avoid cracking, blanking and internal damage of the slab.


The amount of deformation of the slab is controlled within the range of the variable coefficient of the promise, and the radius of the arc needs to be increased. This is a great reason why the arc machine is created. The arc type machine is mainly used at home and abroad on small billets and round billets below 150mm. For example, the height of the cast slab should be at least 15 meters. Capital construction equipment is too large, so it is not suitable for casting large slabs.


Change the radius of one arc of the arc continuous casting machine to a plurality of arc radii, that is, gradually increase from the radius of the downward arc of the crystallizer, and then straighten up to the amount of deformation required, and then straighten, so that a small arc can be selected. The crystallizer gradually enlarges the arc radius to lower the height of the casting machine. This type of machine is also called the super-long head continuous casting machine. Compared with the arc type machine, the number of rollers is large, the production precision is high, and the arc adjustment device is relatively messy. It is now generally used for casting large slabs and shaped blanks.

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