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What is the classification of induction melting furnace feeding car?

Time: 2019-09-11

What is the classification of induction melting furnace feeding car?

With the expansion of the scale of China's foundry enterprises, the foundry industry has also changed from a single industry to a duplex industry. With the increasing demand for production days and the development of humanity, more and more automation products have replaced the previous labor.

Specializing in the production of induction melting furnace feeding trucks, the automation supporting system has been for more than ten years, and it has stabilized human operation and efficiency on a wide range of customers, leading the way in safety production and technological innovation.

The induction melting furnace feeding truck has been divided into a variety of diversified product categories, and has become an indispensable improvement and hardware requirement for many founding companies, which plays an indispensable role in production and safety.

Induction melting furnace plus ingredients can realize automatic distribution of induction melting furnace, mechanized feeding cart, automatic positioning control of batching crane, automatic matching alloy, ladle weighing, induction melting furnace molten iron weighing, spectrum analyzer, thermal analyzer online, It is centrally monitored, managed, analyzed, recorded and stored by the host computer.

It is divided into the following categories:

1. Induction melting furnace vibration conveying feeding car

2. Induction melting furnace automatic dosing system

3. Induction melting furnace plus ingredients and smelting monitoring management system

4. Induction melting furnace molten iron weighing system

5. Hot metal (steel water) package high temperature weighing system: high temperature hook scale, ladle trolley scale, crane scale

6. Alloy automatic weighing system

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