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Safe use of medium frequency induction melting furnace capacitors

Time: 2019-08-13

1. Medium frequency induction melting furnace is equipped with fuse protection

The fuse protection should be set for each single intermediate frequency induction melting furnace capacitor. The rated current of the fuse should not be greater than 1.3 times of the rated current of the protected capacitor. This can avoid the failure of a capacitor to be removed due to the timely removal. The occurrence of an explosion.

2, medium frequency induction melting furnace to strengthen inspection, inspection, maintenance

Parallel capacitors should be periodically checked for power failure, at least once a quarter. Mainly check whether there are dust and other contaminants in the capacitor casing, porcelain casing, mounting bracket, etc., and carefully clean them. During the inspection, special attention should be paid to whether the connection of each joint is firm and loose; whether the casing is bulging, seeping (leaking) oil, etc. If any of the above phenomena are found, the capacitor must be taken out of operation and properly disposed of.

3. Strictly control the operating voltage

The operating voltage of the parallel capacitor of the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace must be strictly controlled within the allowable range. That is, the long-term operating voltage of the parallel capacitor should not be greater than 10% of its rated voltage. If the operating voltage is too high, the service life of the capacitor will be greatly shortened. As the operating voltage increases, the dielectric loss of the parallel capacitor will increase, causing the capacitor temperature to rise, accelerating the aging speed of the capacitor insulation, causing premature aging, breakdown and damage of the capacitor insulation. In addition, under the action of excessive operating voltage, the insulating medium inside the capacitor will locally aging. The higher the voltage, the faster the aging and the shorter the life.

4, to prevent the existence of harmonics,

By adopting a method of installing a series reactor, it is possible to effectively suppress the occurrence of harmonic components and inrush current.


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