Medium frequency quenching furnace

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Medium frequency quenching furnace equipment features


(1) Since the power supply is small, 6-pulse can be used, and the harmonics of the power grid will not exceed the standard. The principle of the main circuit is shown in the figure below.


(2) The control circuit is fully digital integrated, and there is no relay control loop, which ensures the reliability and anti-interference ability of the equipment:

(3) Power supply constant power output, can guarantee high power factor

(4) Excellent impact load resistance

(5) Improve reliable protection

The control circuit is provided with various protection measures such as overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, phase loss, undervoltage of control power supply, low cooling water pressure and high cooling water temperature.

(6) Advanced phase sequence self-identification function

(7) Rich external control interface

(8) Simple and convenient for commissioning and maintenance

(9) Easy to operate, just turn one knob to turn it on.

(10) Voltage and current double closed loop PID control regulation system.

(11) Cooling method: water cooling. The water pressure is between 1.5 and 2Kgf/cm3, and it is reliably cooled (each branch has a temperature protection function). The equipment cooling pipes are all connected by stainless steel water nozzles, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. The water path is open and the cooling water tank is made of stainless steel. The installation height is 1.5 meters from the bottom of the cabinet.

(12) Guarantee grid change: 380 V±10% can work normally

(14) The equipment panel is equipped with incoming line voltmeter, intermediate frequency ammeter, intermediate frequency voltmeter, intermediate frequency power meter and power meter

(15) The technical parameters of capacitors and intermediate frequency transformers are matched with the intermediate frequency power supply. The capacitors are made of full-film capacitors produced by Guilin (American technology). The intermediate frequency transformer adopts the products of Hangzhou Huali IF Transformer Co., Ltd. Reactors are produced by professional factories (specify the manufacturer)

(16) The power cabinet adopts a sealed method. There are fluorescent lamps for maintenance. The top and bottom are left with knock-out holes for the incoming line. There are seals on the front and rear doors. The door is bolted on the top and bottom. The door locks are made of domestic famous brand products. Manufacturer), the cabinet door should have sufficient strength to avoid vibrating when the door is opened and closed, and no sharp burrs are allowed at the punching and shearing. Electrostatic spray, the rust before treatment should be thorough.

(17) The cable is made of water-cooled cable, and the hose is made of high-pressure resistant pipe.

(18) Various indicating signs are fixed with rivets.

(19) Insulation strength and withstand voltage, main circuit-ground (outer) insulation resistance is not less than


 2. Description of intermediate frequency transformer structure:

    The medium frequency transformer adopts a new type (PR type) transformer. The transformer core is made up of 0.2-0.35mm thick high magnetic permeability silicon steel sheets (3K pieces). The coils are wound and overlapped, and the turns ratio is changed. It needs to be arbitrarily combined into odd-numbered turns ratio, and the load adaptability is strong. Both the transformer coil and the iron core have water-cooled circuits.

Medium frequency quenching furnace conditions

Power supply: 3Ф 380V±10% 50HZ three-phase four-wire system

2, the ambient temperature: 5-35 ° C

3, altitude: less than or equal to 1000M

4, relative humidity: <90%

5, cooling circulating water: water pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa

6, no conductive dust and corrosive gases

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