Ф219—Ф1219 elbow epoxy powder coating anti-corrosion production line

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Project Description:

Ф 219 —Ф 1 2 19 Steel elbow double-layer epoxy powder coating anti-corrosion production line

Design Basis:

Elbow diameter:      Ф 219 —Ф 1219

Radius of curvature :       4 to 6D

Process speed:       3 00 mm /min — 10 00 mm /min


Third, the conveyor roller

  The process according to claim I Ф 219 -Ф 1219 double elbow anticorrosive epoxy powder coating production line is designed to roll a single tire to hang the power unit conveying roller raceway stable operation, low noise.

four   Derusting machine selection :

  This machine is specially used for shot blasting of the outer wall of steel pipe elbow to remove the scale on the surface and increase the surface area, increasing the coating adhesion.

V. Ф 219 —Ф 1 2 19 Steel elbow double-layer epoxy powder coating anti-corrosion production line IF power supply selection :

This production line is equipped with a 10 00 KW intermediate frequency heating device.

Six, Ф 219 —Ф 1 2 19 Steel elbow double-layer epoxy powder coating anti-corrosion production line dusting system selection :

1 , 8 gun control center DK type 4 sets

Each apparatus having the above automatic gun 8, a high-pressure spray gun is built, control cabinet 8 controls automatic spray gun voltage, current and gas system. And control 8 venturi powder pump powder supply system. Each apparatus above the fluidized bed containing the powder supply system 1 set, bed dimensions: 8Venturi toner supply pump (L × W × H) 800 × 775 × 570 (mm) containing.

Seven , air compressor and water sprinkler system :

This line is equipped with a 6 cubic screw air compressor, an air dryer 6 cubic, 1.0 cubic tank with a device for dusting (with three filters). The water sprinkler system is open and easy to adjust the roller table.


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