Ф350—Ф1500 steel pipe 3-layer PE anti-corrosion production line

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First, the design conditions

Project Description:

Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line design basis:

Steel pipe diameter: Ф 350 —Ф 1500

Steel pipe length: 6 000 mm -12000 mm

Process speed: 8 00 mm /min - 5 000 mm / min


Second , Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line pipe conveyor

According to user requirements, the company Ф 350 -Ф 1500 Pipelines production line is designed as a transmission line in a single round of the power unit, so that the speed of the pipeline operation more smoothly and easily adjust the size of the pitch tube. The specification of this line conveyor is 2 2 00 mm ×6000 mm × 13 ( 5 sets of tires per rack ). 2 2 00 mm × 800 mm × 1 3 , with a total length of 90 meters (clear distance).

III . Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line pipe descaling machine:

The outer wall shot blasting equipment of the steel pipe can remove the rust and scale on the surface of the steel pipe, and completely meet the cleaning requirements before the outer wall of the steel pipe is coated, which can meet the cleaning requirements of the outer wall of the large and medium-sized engineering steel pipe .

V. Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line pipeline medium frequency power supply selection :

This line configuration 75 0KW 1000KW and two co-frequency heating station heating apparatus Duplex

IV . Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line pipe dusting system selection :

6 gun control center. DK type 2 sets or more sets each contain 6 automatic spray guns , the spray gun is built-in high pressure, and the control cabinet controls the voltage, current and pneumatic system of 6 automatic spray guns. And control 6 venturi powder pump powder supply system.

Each apparatus above the fluidized bed containing the powder supply system 1 set, bed dimensions: 6 for the venturi powder pump (L × W × H) 800 × 775 × 570 (mm) containing.

V. Ф 350 —Ф 1500 steel pipe 3- layer PE anti-corrosion production line pipe extruder selection

This production line must be equipped with one SJF 20 0/30 and one SJF 7 5/30 anti-corrosion extruder.

Sixth, water cooling room:

The water cooling room is closed by plastic steel glazing, which is beautiful and easy to observe. There are several activity windows on each side for easy access. Cooling water flow rate using the pump 150 cubic meters per hour of Taiwan. In addition, two intermediate frequency cooling water pumps have a flow rate of25 cubic meters per hour . The cooling water pipe regulating valve is installed on the side of the operation cabinet for easy adjustment. (Except for the water pump, the rest is made by the user).

Seven, air compressor and pipe mechanism:

This line is equipped with a 6 cubic screw air compressor, an air dryer 10 cubic meters, 1.0 cubic tank with a device for dusting (with three filters). Due to the heavy weight of the pipeline, hydraulic pipe and lifting device are adopted. 5 is equipped with hydraulic station, 10 ф 90 cylinders, each hydraulic power is7.5KW, the pump piston is 25 m ³.

Eight, breaking machine, lift and secondary descaling machine:

The breaking machine adopts the mechanical wire wheel breaking machine at the bottom of the pipe and is equipped with a dust recovery device, which is safe and environmentally friendly .

Lift cylinder oil hydraulic lift, both ends of the drive wheel by way of a power transmission wheel lifting, the process needs to ensure that the thick-walled tube.

The secondary descaling adopts the wire wheel rust removal and compressed air purging to make the outer wall cleanliness of the steel pipe meet the requirements and improve the adhesion of the epoxy powder.

Nine, the release platform

The upper tube, the lower tube and the transition platform are all welded with 20# GB-shaped I-beam to ensure the rigidity of the platform. (The length is determined by the user and made by the user).

Ten, manufacture and installation period

The production period is 5 5 days from the date of the contract becoming effective, and the installation period is 20 Day (installation conditions are available).

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