Galvanized wire in-line annealing furnace

Introduce:Galvanized wire in-line annealing furnace
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Galvanized wire in-line annealing equipment furnace


Wire online annealing heating equipment price wire online annealing heating equipment process 0.2mm wire online annealing heating equipment manufacturers. Our company is specialized in producing electromagnetic induction heating annealing equipment manufacturers, galvanized iron wire online annealing furnace, steel wire annealing furnace, cold wire drawing annealing furnace, back Fire wire annealing furnace, wire bonding online annealing equipment furnace, iron nail wire annealing furnace wire induction annealing furnace black wire electromagnetic induction annealing furnace fine wire wire annealing furnace wire intermediate frequency annealing furnace can also be used in the following fields:

1. Steel processing enterprises of various types of wire rod, strip steel, copper wire quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, with automatic closed-loop temperature control system to achieve precise temperature control.

2 , heat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing , quenching and tempering, blue) all kinds of hardware tools, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic components, steam, motorcycle and other mechanical metal parts surface, internal holes, partial or integral quenching . Such as: hammer, knife, scissors, pliers and various types of shafts, cams, sprockets, gears, valves, ball pin, quenching of ductile iron , machine tool guide dovetail quenching.

3 , thermoforming A , all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, mechanical parts, hardware tools, straight shank twist drill hot, hot rolling. B. Metal material is heat-annealed. Such as: steel pipe stretching, bending pipe, steamed bread; iron wire, steel wire heating nail; stainless steel products annealing, rising type, bit heating molding.

4. Brazing all kinds of hard alloy cutter heads, turning tools, milling cutters, planing knives, reamers, diamond saw blades, sawtooth welding; welding of abrasive tools, drilling tools and cutting tools; metal materials such as brass, copper and stainless steel. Composite welding. 5 , metal melting : melting gold, silver, copper and so on.


The stress relief annealing is an annealing process for eliminating residual stress existing in the casting due to plastic deformation processing, welding, or the like.

There are internal stresses inside the workpiece after forging, casting, welding and cutting. If it is not removed in time, the workpiece will be deformed during processing and use, which will affect the accuracy of the workpiece. It is important to use stress relief annealing to eliminate internal stresses generated during processing.

The heating temperature of the stress relief annealing is lower than the phase transition temperature A1 , and therefore, no structural transformation occurs throughout the heat treatment. The internal stress is mainly eliminated by the workpiece during the heat preservation and slow cooling process. In order to eliminate the stress in the workpiece more thoroughly, the heating temperature should be controlled during heating. Generally, it is introduced into the furnace at a low temperature, and then heated to a predetermined temperature at a heating rate of about 100 ° C /h . The heating temperature of the welded parts should be slightly higher than 600 °C. The holding time depends on the situation and is usually 2 to 4 hours . The holding time of the stress relief annealing of castings is limited. The cooling rate is controlled at ( 20 ~ 50 ) °C / h , and it can be cooled to 300 °C.

This product can simultaneously back 10-40 roots 0.2mm wire, can be customized according to customer requirements. 0.2-0.6mm wire wire in-line annealing heating equipment, our company is specialized in producing electromagnetic induction heating annealing equipment manufacturers, this equipment can be used for: galvanized iron wire, steel wire, cold wire drawing, tempered wire, wire binding, nail wire, steel production enterprises various types of wire, strip, wire hardening, annealing, quenching and other heat treatment production line with automatic closed-loop temperature control system, accurate temperature control, which can produce 32 0.2-0.6mm iron or steel wire.


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