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What is a water-cooled cable? Special cable is different from ordinary cable

Time: 2019-08-19

What is a water-cooled cable? Special cable is different from ordinary cable

Universal use of special cables


Special cables are distinguished from ordinary cables. Special cables can be used in special occasions, and their functions are also special, such as high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and termite resistance. Among them, high temperature resistant wire and cable is mainly used in energy development, steel, aerospace, oil exploration and metal smelting. The low-inductance cable has good heat dissipation effect, not only the cooling water flow is large, but also does not block and limit the flow. Low-noise cables are mainly used in medical, industrial, defense, and other fields where small signal measurement is required, and the bass is perceived. There are also functional wire and cable and new green cables.

Special cables will certainly have more types to market in the next few years, and his role in social development will become more and more important.

What is a water-cooled cable?

The water-cooled cable consists of a central cooling water pipe, a wire around it, a rubber tube outside the wire, and a rubber tube. The inner and outer portions are integrally formed into a cylindrical shape, a layered layer, a heat insulating layer, and a metal outer layer. In addition to the many advantages of ordinary water-cooled cables, the utility model has changed the disadvantages of the prior art to expose the rubber tube of the outer layer. The metal bellows jacket is not afraid of spark splashing, will not age, does not have electricity during work, and has good heat insulation effect. It has a long service life and is a novel power supply cable used in electric furnaces and electric arc furnaces in the metallurgical industry. It is also an ideal water-cooled power supply cable for ferroalloy electric furnaces.

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