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Operating procedure for medium frequency induction furnace

Time: 2019-08-30

1. Before the opening of the intermediate frequency induction furnace, the operator of the intermediate frequency unit should be notified to start the unit. At the same time, it should be checked whether the furnace body, the cooling water system, the intermediate frequency power switch, the tilting machine and the running track of the crane are normal, and whether the trench cover is defective or covered. If there is a problem, it should be excluded first to open the furnace.

2. When opening the furnace, the furnace charge should be placed in the furnace and the cooling water should be turned on before the intermediate frequency power switch can be closed. When the furnace is shut down, the intermediate frequency unit can be shut down after the intermediate frequency power supply is disconnected. Cooling water should be kept for 15 minutes.

3. Do not mix closed containers, pipes or other explosives in the charge. The charge must be dry without water or ice or snow. When loading the charge, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer. It should be gently tapped and tapped to avoid damage to the furnace. If the furnace burnout is thinner than the specified, the furnace should be shut down for repair.

4. The tool should be placed at the designated location and should be baked and dried before use.

5. When alloying steel is added to the alloy material, it should be clamped with pliers after preheating, slowly and in batches. When adding, the operator's face should avoid the furnace mouth.

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