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How to choose the high frequency induction heating equipment, should master the following elements?

Time: 2019-09-05

1. Workpiece shape and size

For large workpieces, bar stocks and solid materials, induction heating equipment with high relative power and low frequency should be used; for small workpieces, pipes, plates, gears, etc., induction heating equipment with low relative power and high frequency should be used.

2. The depth and area of the workpiece required to be heated

The heating depth is deep, the area is large, and the whole heating should use induction heating equipment with high power and low frequency; shallow heating depth, small area, partial heating, and induction heating equipment with low relative power and high frequency.

3. The heating rate required for the workpiece

The heating rate of the demand is fast, and the induction heating device with relatively high power and relatively high frequency should be selected.

4. The continuous task of the equipment

Continuing the task of working long, relatively inductive heating equipment with slightly higher power.

5. Inductive component and device connection interval

The connection length is long, and even the need to use water-cooled cables to connect, should use relatively high power induction heating equipment.

6, workpiece process requirements

Quenching, welding and other processes, relatively quenching machine power selection is smaller, frequency selection is higher; annealing, tempering and other processes, quenching machine power selection is larger, frequency selection is lower; red punch, hot calcination, smelting, etc. If the heat results in a good process, the quenching machine power should be selected to be larger and the frequency selected lower.

7) Information on the workpiece

In the metal data, the relative power of the high melting point is larger, the relative power of the lower melting point is smaller, the power of the smaller resistivity is larger, and the power of the larger resistivity is smaller.

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