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Intermediate frequency furnace lining launching system

Time: 2019-08-13

The lining push-out mechanism is used to quickly remove the waste lining, which consists of a pusher block, a pusher cylinder and an operating mechanism. The pushing block is installed under the lining and can be connected to the pushing cylinder through the pushing hole at the bottom of the furnace body. When the old lining is required to be pushed out, the furnace body can be tilted by 90°, and the pushing mechanism is connected with the fixing parts of the bottom of the furnace, and the furnace table is operated. The old lining can be pushed out by the handle, and the hydraulic lining of the lining pusher adopts the product of Yuci Hydraulic Parts Factory. The use of this mechanism can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce downtime, reduce the degree of damage to the lining of the furnace, but also minimize the harmful pollution of noise and dust.


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