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Composition of KGPS250-8KHz intermediate frequency quenching equipment

Time: 2019-08-22

A, equipment model: KGPS250-8KHz-JY

Input power: three-phase 380V/50-60KHz

Rated output power: 250KW

Working frequency: 8KHz

IF voltage: 750V

Medium frequency current: 400A

Control element: integrated circuit

Protection device: DC overcurrent, intermediate frequency overcurrent, overvoltage, and lack of equal.

Dimensions: 1900mm × 950mm × 1900mm

B, 1500KVA medium frequency variable voltage quenching transformer

1.Specification model: GR2-1500/750-8

2. Capacity: 1500KVA

3. Working voltage: 750V

4. Working frequency: 2.5-8KHz

5. Dimensions: 573mm × 520mm × 575mm

C, induction heating universal gear quenching machine

1. Equipment model: GCB3030/70Y

2. Maximum quenching part diameter: 700mm

3. Maximum part quenching height: 300mm

4. Maximum quenching parts weight: 250Kg

5. Quenching method: one-time overall heating, continuous quenching.

6. Cooling method: spray, immersion.

7. Spindle rotation speed: 30-400 rev / min, hydraulic motor drive, stepless speed regulation.

8. Workpiece lifting speed: hydraulic cylinder drive workpiece feed 2-60mm/S, fast forward 100mm/S.

9. Electrical Control: Programmable Japanese Mitsubishi PLC, FX1N-40MR

10. Hydraulic system pressure: normal operation below 2.5Mpa, maximum 6.3Mpa.

11. Dimensions: Machine tool 1400mm × 800mm × 1500mm.

      Hydraulic drill 600mm × 600mm × 1450mm.

12. Weight: Machine tool: 1575Kg, hydraulic drill: 980Kg.

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