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Steel pipe spray quenching production line equipment

Time: 2019-08-27

  The function of the loading device is to support the red hot steel pipe from the feed roller to the support wheel of the rotating device. The device is designed by the Swinton lever principle, and is mainly composed of a main shaft of the motor reducer (not shown) and a plurality of swing arms with a pitch of 1.8 m. The number of swing arms depends on the length of the steel pipe. Each block is composed of V-shaped swing arm. Shaft, the diameter of the fixed chain wheel and other activities of the sprocket, chain and rod, as shown in Fig. The V-shaped block and the movable sprocket are fixed to the rotating shaft by a key connection, and are hinged to the swing arm. The swing arm is fixed to the main shaft by a key connection. Embedded sprocket fixed to a sliding fit between the shoe, and the main drive shaft, and is fixed on the support by tie rods. The fixed sprocket and the movable sprocket are connected by a chain. When the loading device is working, the motor reducer drives the spindle swing arm to rotate. Assuming that the angular velocity is ω, the pulling speed of the V-shaped block with the swing arm is ω, the pull rod connects the fixed sprocket to the frame, and the speed of the fixed sprocket relative to the swing arm is (-ω), the movable sprocket and the fixed The sprocket and other diameters are equal to the angular velocity of the swing arm, and the angular velocities of the movable sprocket and the V-shaped block relative to the swing arm are (-ω). Thus, the algebraic sum of the synthetic proud speed of the V-shaped block is zero, and only the translation is not rotated. So no matter the angle of the swing arm is turned to any angle, the opening of the V-shaped block is always facing upwards to ensure that the steel pipe does not slip. A block brake is mounted on the input shaft of the reducer. When the V-shaped block is in the receiving position, the brake is closed to brake the spindle. In order to balance the weight of the steel pipe, reduce the motor load, reduce the spindle torque, and increase the weight at the other end of the swing arm. The drive motor uses variable frequency speed regulation to adapt to changes in the working cycle. The end of the spindle is equipped with a photoelectric encoder. The PLC is set according to the setting procedure to make the feeding device slow and fast during the feeding and discharging. The rest of the time is fast, and it can be lightly handled to avoid damage to the surface of the steel pipe.

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