Seamless steel tube annealing equipment

Introduce:Steel tube induction annealing furnace is often used for heating annealing of steel pipe, providing selection method of steel tube induction annealing furnace, selection of steel tube induction annealing furnace structure, power supply selection method of steel tube induction annealing furnace, and selection method of steel induction annealing furnace parameters
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[Application]: Heating and annealing metal materials , such as steel tube stretching , bending , wire , steel wire heating , annealing of stainless steel products , stretching , expansion , and stress relief. Of course, heat treatment such as heating, tempering, and the like may be performed on the bar, the steel pipe, the iron wire, the steel wire, and the wire. 

product description

The seamless steel pipe annealing equipment consists of an induction heating power supply, a feeding device, a cooling system and an inductor, and can perform annealing heat treatment on seamless pipes, steel plates, steel pipes, etc., and the annealing effect is very good. The complete sets of equipment produced by our company not only have seamless tube annealing equipment, but also complete set of quenching equipment for pump tube inner wall and round steel heating complete equipment.


Performance characteristics of seamless steel tube annealing equipment:

1. Seamless steel tube annealing equipment uses MOSFET , IGBT power devices and unique frequency conversion technology to provide stable operation and higher reliability and durability.

2 , under the same conditions, it has twice the power saving than the traditional tube heating equipment, and can reduce the power load and power capacity, saving you money.

3 , with 100% full load design, can work 24 hours a day.

4. Select the power supply according to power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability.

5 , with heating - insulation - cooling three-stage time function setting, is conducive to improve heating quality and heating cycle, simplifying manual operation.

6. The seamless steel tube annealing equipment has constant current and constant power control functions, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process and achieves efficient and rapid heating, so that the superiority of the product is greatly exerted. 


Seamless tube annealing equipment application:

1. Seamless steel pipe annealing equipment is applied to the enthalpy of various high-strength bolts and nuts;

2. Quenching of gears, sprockets and shafts;

3. Quenching of various internal combustion engine parts and reduction surface parts.

4. Welding of mining equipment such as various picks, drill heads, drill pipes, coal drill bits and wind drill bits

5. Quenching of various hand tools such as pliers, knife cutters, axes, hammers, etc.

6. Quenching of auto parts such as semi-axle, leaf spring, fork, valve, rocker arm, ball pin and so on.

7. Welding of various carbide cutting heads and saw blades;

8. Welding of diamond composite drill bits;

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