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The composition and function of continuous casting machine

Time: 2019-09-11

The composition and function of continuous casting machine

The ladle carrier equipment mainly has two methods of pouring car and ladle turret. Now most of the newly planned continuous casting machines use ladle turret. Its primary effect is to carry ladle and support the ladle for pouring operations. The ladle turret can also be used to quickly replace the ladle and complete multi-furnace continuous casting.


The center bag is a transitional device between the ladle and the crystallizer for receiving molten steel. It is used to stabilize the flow of steel, reduce the erosion of the billet in the mold by the flow of steel, and make the molten steel have reasonable activities in the center bag. And a suitable long residence time to ensure uniform temperature of the molten steel and non-metallic inclusions to float up. Regarding the multi-stream continuous casting machine, the molten steel is shunted by the center bag. In the multi-furnace continuous casting, the molten steel stored in the center bag plays the role of coupling when replacing the ladle.

The center bag carrier has a center charter and a center bag turntable, which is used to support, transport, and replace the center bag. The crystallizer is a special water-cooled steel mold. The molten steel is cooled in the crystallizer, begins to coagulate and form a certain thickness of the shell, to ensure that the shell is not pulled out when the billet is pulled out of the crystallizer. Defects such as deformation and cracks. Therefore it is the key equipment of the continuous casting machine.

The crystallizer oscillating device enables the crystallizer to reciprocate up and down according to certain requirements, so as to prevent the primary shell and the mold from sticking and being cracked. The secondary cooling equipment is primarily composed of water spray cooling equipment and slab support equipment. The effect is that the slab is directly sprayed with water to completely condense; the slag and the side squeegee roll support and guide the slab with the wick, thereby avoiding the bulging, deformation and leakage of the slab.

The effect of the straightening straightener is to overcome the resistance of the slab and the crystallizer and the secondary cooling zone during the casting process, smoothly pull the slab out, and straighten the curved slab. It also feeds the ingot device into the crystallizer before pouring. The ingot device consists of two parts, a spindle head and a spindle rod. The effect is to act as a "live bottom" of the crystallizer during the pouring, blocking the lower mouth of the crystallizer and causing the molten steel to condense on the head of the spindle. .

After being pulled by the tension leveler, the strand is pulled out from the lower mouth of the crystallizer with the spindle. After the spindle rod is pulled out of the tension leveler, the spindle rod is removed and the normal drawing condition is entered. The effect of cutting the device is to cut it into the required length of the length during the stranding process. The slab delivery equipment includes a roller conveyor, a pusher, a cold bed, etc., and the slab is transported and cooled.

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