Handheld double head induction heating machine

Introduce:Hand-held induction heater is small in size, light in weight, low in failure rate, energy-saving, strong solder joints, no damage, constant internal crystal structure, small annealing range, no obvious soldering
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Model: SD -03AC

Power: 3KW

Frequency: 200-500KHZ

Voltage: single phase 220V 50/60HZ


1. Handheld double-head induction heating machine has high frequency (minimum 0.1mm for heat welding ), small size, light weight, low failure rate and energy saving ( 70% energy saving than glass ceramic tube high frequency machine ); 
2 , the welding point is firm, beautiful, delicate, the geometry of the welded part is not limited, the surface pattern will not be damaged, the internal crystal structure of the metal is unchanged, the annealing range is small, and there is no obvious welding defect;



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