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Common furnace method for intermediate frequency melting furnace

Time: 2019-08-09

The common tilting furnaces of the intermediate frequency melting furnace include: lifting type tilting furnace, screw drive mechanism tilting furnace, worm gear mechanism tilting furnace and hydraulic device tilting furnace.

1. Lifting tilting furnace

The lifting type tilting furnace is to lift the lifting ring installed on the hob by the lifting device on the crane or the special crane, so that the furnace body is turned over to complete the tapping process. This method is simple and suitable for tapping of a medium-frequency induction furnace with a small capacity.

2, screw drive mechanism tilting furnace

The motor is driven by the reducer to drive the screw lifting device to complete the tapping process. This method is suitable for small-capacity medium-frequency induction furnace tapping.

3, worm gear mechanism tilting furnace

The worm gear mechanism of the tilting furnace is connected with the horizontal shaft of the rotating body of the furnace body, and the worm gear mechanism is driven by the motor to turn the furnace body to complete the tapping process. This method is suitable for medium-frequency induction furnace tapping of 1~3T capacity.

4, hydraulic device tilting furnace

The tilting of the furnace body is accomplished by a linkage mechanism using a single or twin cylinder hydraulic system. The hydraulic tilting furnace mechanism is composed of a high-pressure pumping station, a pipe and a switch, a hydraulic piston cylinder and the like. The tilting furnace mechanism has the advantages of quick start, stable operation and compact structure, and is an ideal tilting mechanism for large and medium-sized intermediate frequency melting furnaces. When installing, pay attention to the high-pressure pumping station, the oil circuit and the furnace body to maintain an appropriate distance to prevent fire caused by steel leakage or steel slag splashing in the induction furnace.

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