120kw super audio induction heating equipment

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[Model] : WH-VI-120

[Application] : 1. Dielectric forging of round steel with a diameter of 50mm or less. 2 , Φ 400mm discs, Φ 150mm or less shaft quenching. 3. The machine guide rail is quenched. 4 , quenching treatment of auto parts and motorcycle parts. 5 , heat treatment of workpieces such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.


120kw super audio induction heating equipment works:  
The 120kw super-audio induction heating device adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The alternating magnetic field generated by the inductor generates the induced current of the same frequency, and the distribution of the induced current in the workpiece is uneven, so that the surface of the workpiece is weak inside, and the core is close to 0 to achieve the purpose of heating. 
120kw super audio induction heating equipment technical parameters:  



Operating voltage range


Maximum input current


Oscillating frequency




Load continuation rate


Cooling water flow (host)

29L/min (0.3mpa)

Cooling water flow (transformer)

22 L/min (0.3mpa)

Working power


Cooling water pressure


Host weight

85KG ± 5%

Transformer weight

90KG ± 5%

Host volume


Transformer volume


Machine color

Blue and white

Water temperature protection point

50 °C

120kw super audio induction heating equipment performance characteristics:  
1. The unique frequency conversion technology adopts MOSFET and IGBT power devices, which are stable in operation and provide higher reliability and durability. 
2 , 120kw super audio induction heating equipment under the same conditions has twice the power saving effect of traditional tube heating equipment, saving you money. 
3 , with 100% full load design, can work 24 hours a day. 
4. The surface of the workpiece is heated evenly, and the temperature rises quickly, which reduces the degree of deformation of the oxide layer and the workpiece on the surface of the workpiece. 
5 , heating - insulation - cooling three-stage time function setting, is conducive to improve heating quality and heating cycle, simplifying manual operation. 
6. No noise, pollution and open flames, it is easier to meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection.  
120kw super audio induction heating equipment application: 
1 , a variety of hardware tools, hand tools. Quenching such as pliers, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, scissors (garden shears); 
2. Annealing in various stainless steel industries. Such as stainless steel basins, cans of annealing, annealing and annealing of the water tank, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel tableware, annealing of stainless steel cups, etc. 
3 , the welding of various hardware tools: welding of diamond tools, grinding tools, drilling tools, alloy saw blades, carbide turning tools, milling cutters, reamers, planers, woodworking drills, etc.; 
4 , smelting it mainly refers to the metal into a liquid by the high temperature of the metal, mainly suitable for iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and various precious metals. Such as the melting of gold and silver. 
5 , case, watch embryo, handle, mold accessories, kitchen tableware supplies, handicrafts, standard parts, fasteners, machining of mechanical parts, copper locks, rivets, steel brazing, hot extrusion of brazing tools, etc.


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