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SD13 series rolling wheel rotor type sand mixer

Introduce:SD13 series rolling wheel rotor type sand mixer
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SD13 series rolling wheel rotor type sand mixer use: 
SD13 series rolling wheel rotor type sand mixer is mainly used for wet single sand and surface sand for mixing machine modeling in large and medium-sized foundry. It can also be used in large foundries to mix core sand and self-hardening sand. It is widely used in the mixing of powder materials in other powder projects, such as glass, chemical, metallurgy, construction and other industries. 


SD13 series rolling wheel rotor type sand mixer features 
The wheel and the rotor are optimally matched, the mixing efficiency is high, the quality is good, and the application range is wide. 
New materials such as diabase cast stone, diabase cast stone, tungsten carbide surfacing, and No. 2 filler have greatly improved the life of wearing parts. 
The fluid coupling, alloy steel gear and lubrication control machine ensure the transmission system is stable and reliable, and can load start. 
The rotary discharge door is flexible and reliable, and completely solves the problem of sand leakage at the bottom. 
Models with a diameter of ≥1600 mm are equipped with a steel structure base, which is extremely convenient for use and installation. 
S14 sand mixer price and selection method

This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific price.


SD 1312

SD 1320D

Disk diameter(mm)



One feeding amount (kg)






Spindle speed(r/min)



Main motor power ( kw )



Price ¥ yuan

¥100000 yuan

¥ 12 0000 yuan



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