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1. Overview of steel production line

Steel is a straight solid steel that has been plastically shaped and has a certain cross-sectional shape and size. It is also called a profile and a long material.

   H- beam is a common structural form of beams and columns in petrochemical plants and building frame structures. Conventional production of 'steel' is mainly manual operation, low degree of automation, high labor intensity, high production cost, unsatisfactory efficiency, and large welding deformation. Product quality is difficult to guarantee. In the current oilfield, the production method of 'type steel structure such as the floating beam of the pumping unit and the steel column of the factory building is basically using the “anti-deformation method”, the production cost is high, the hydraulic press is required to carry out the pre-fabrication and deformation, and the production efficiency is not high, although the welding is adopted. The automatic submerged arc welding process, but the welding deformation is still difficult to eliminate. Here, we introduce a 'steel steel production line consisting of four main equipments:multi-head gas cutting machine, steel forming machine, steel door submerged arc welding machine and steel wing wing straightening machine . The production line can greatly improve the automation degree of steel production. , reduce labor intensity and production cost, improve economic efficiency, and can easily correct welding deformation, thereby improving product quality.

2 , H- beam production line equipment equipment structure, process, layout method .

The steel production line is mainly composed of four main equipments: multi-head cutting machine, steel forming machine, steel door submerged arc welding machine and steel flange correction machine . The multi-head cutting machine is a 3000A- multi-head linear gas cutting machine. It is a rate flame cutting device equipped with ($ group torch) for cutting in the longitudinal and transverse directions. The technical parameters of the multi-head cutting machine are: gauge distance 1000mm , rail Length 14400mm ( can be lengthened according to actual production conditions ) , cutting speed 100-750mm/min , cutting width 80-2300mm, longitudinal cutting torch 9 sets, transverse cutting torch 1 group. The new gas burns in oxygen at a temperature of 3204-3315 degrees Celsius, In the air, the ignition point is 510-580 °C, the ignition point in oxygen is 490-570 °C, the total heating value after gasification is 53.1kj/g , and the burning rate in oxygen is 3.28m/s, which is in line with the policy of saving energy, protecting the environment and safety. It has the characteristics of health and hygiene, good cutting quality, low cost and high speed.



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