3T steel melting induction furnace

Introduce:What is the power consumption of the 3T steel melting induction furnace? 3T steel melting induction furnace composition,what are the advantages of using 3T steel melting induction furnace steelmaking?What are the advantages of using 3T steel melting induction furnace?
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3T steel melting induction furnace


 3T steel melting induction furnace composition

2000kw intermediate frequency power supply - capacitor cabinet - aluminum shell or steel shell furnace - hydraulic tilting furnace system - remote control box ZXZ80T closed loop cooling tower. The steel melting induction furnace has protection systems such as overvoltage, overcurrent, water temperature, water pressure, short circuit and grounding. The operation panel has various parameters of the working parameter display table and the display working state, and there are indications such as fault and temperature.

 3T steel melting induction furnace technical parameters summary


Fast steel furnace parameters

rated power 
( KW )

Line voltage 
( V )

Melting furnace 
( T/h )

Water Consumption 
( T/h )

power consumption 
( Kw/T )

Rated voltage 
( V )

Rated Capacity 
( T )

Rated temperature 
( °C )










What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the steel melting induction furnace?

1. The steel melting induction furnace must have room for layout and the area of the plant needs to be provided   and layout.

2. The customer needs to provide the capacity of the transformer, the magnitude of the incoming line voltage, and the frequency of the incoming line voltage.

3. The steel melting induction furnace requires water cooling equipment, and the configuration of the steel melting induction furnace contains water cooling equipment.

4. The furnace structure of the steel melting induction furnace has a steel shell furnace body and an aluminum shell furnace body, and the customer needs to specify the furnace body structure.

5 , the power supply of the steel melting induction furnace is the intermediate frequency power supply, the line structure of the intermediate frequency power supply is divided into the inverter parallel and the inverter series structure, the inverter series structure is energy-saving, the power factor is 0.98 , and the line is stable. The inverter parallel structure is of the common type with a power factor of 0.92 , which requires the customer to specify the line structure.


What are the benefits of using 3T steel to melt induction furnace steelmaking ?

( 1 ) Although the steel melting induction furnace is also a high-power power-consuming device, the interference to the power grid is much smaller than that of the electric arc furnace;

( 2 ) In the process of smelting, the noise is small, and the smoke, gas, dust and waste residue are relatively small;

( 3 ) In the utilization of resources, the furnace materials (including various alloying elements added) have less burning loss and higher yield. The amount of slag-forming material is much smaller and does not require electrodes;

( 4 ) In the metallurgical function, due to the electromagnetic stirring effect, the composition of the molten steel is relatively uniform, the temperature of the molten steel is relatively uniform, the temperature control is also convenient, and there is no carbonation problem due to the electrode. Since there is no high temperature action of the arc, there is no problem that the nitrogen is dissociated at a high temperature and is easily absorbed by the molten steel;

( 5 ) The investment in equipment is small, and the area occupied by the site is relatively small;

( 6 ) It is easier to automate the operation

A good way to correctly and quickly select " 3T steel melting induction furnace "

Selection of Transformer Capacity of Steel Melting Induction Furnace

The value of the transformer capacity = the value of the power of the steel melting induction furnace power supply x 1.2

The transformer is a rectifier transformer. In order to reduce the interference of harmonics, it is used as far as possible for the special plane, that is, a steel melting induction furnace is equipped with a rectifier transformer.

2. Selection of incoming voltage of steel melting induction furnace

For medium-frequency power supplies for steel melting induction furnaces below 1000 kW , three-phase five-wire 380V and 50HZ industrial power are generally used . For steel melting induction furnaces above 1000KW , the focus is on using 660V incoming voltage .

3. The capacity tonnage requirements to determine how much is selected from steel melting induction furnace.

The capacity of the steel melting induction furnace can be determined according to the weight of the individual pieces and the weight of the molten iron required for each working day .

The standard tonnage is as follows:

1T steel melting induction furnace

500kg steel melting induction furnace

2T steel melting induction furnace

3T steel melting induction furnace

5T steel melting induction furnace

4. Select the furnace structure

The melting furnace for the aluminum alloy structure with the reducer as the tilting furnace is commonly known as the aluminum shell furnace. The induction melting furnace of the steel structure with the hydraulic cylinder as the tilting furnace is commonly called the steel shell furnace. The steel shell furnace is asteel structure , and the aluminum shell furnace shell material is an aluminum alloy .

What are the advantages of using 3T steel melting induction furnace ?

1. The electricity consumption of steel smelting tons under normal working conditions is 550-600KW.h ;

2 , the power factor is maintained above 0.96 , no additional compensation device is required;

3. Effectively control high harmonics, do not interfere with surrounding electrical equipment, and do not pollute the power grid;

4 , the frequency adapts to a wide range, and always maintains the best resonance state during the melting process;

5 , zero voltage scanning soft start mode, can be started or stopped at any time in any state, no impact on the power supply;

6 , rapid smelting, low production costs; low pollution, in line with national environmental requirements;

7. It can be directly melted from the cold furnace, and the solution can be completely emptied. It is convenient to replace the melt material;

8. Power adjustment is flexible and convenient, and can be continuously and smoothly adjusted; temperature is uniform and easy to control, oxidation loss is small, and metal composition is uniform;

9. The furnace shell adopts steel structure or cast aluminum alloy, and the floor space is small; the furnace body is easy to turn over and tilt, and manual, electric and hydraulic tilting furnace modes are available;

10 , leaking furnace alarm device, timely and effective protection of personal and equipment safety;

11. The furnace lining and ejection mechanism makes it quick and efficient to replace the furnace lining and improve production efficiency;

12 , wide frequency adaptation range, rapid melting, low production cost, uniform temperature and easy to control;

13 、The furnace body is easy to turn over and the metal composition is even;

14 , small footprint, effective management of higher harmonics.

 What is the power consumption of the 3T steel melting induction furnace ?

The power consumption of induction furnace steelmaking is related to many factors, such as the size of the steel furnace , the quality of the scrap, and the skill and laziness of the furnace. Generally speaking, the power consumption is between 550 and 750 degrees, the power consumption of the large tonnage furnace is lower, and the small tonnage is higher.

what is the characteristic of induction furnace steelmaking ?

Induction furnace steelmaking is not called steelmaking. It is to melt steel. The impurities in the steel cannot be removed. This is a disadvantage. The advantage is that some elements in the original steel are not lost, which can reduce the amount of precious elements added and reduce costs.

Steelmaking is the process of getting the pig iron into a steelmaking furnace and melting it according to a certain process. According to the survey online, steel products include steel ingots, continuous casting billets and direct casting into various steel castings. Generally speaking, steel generally refers to steel that is rolled into various steel materials. Steel is a ferrous metal but steel is not exactly equal to ferrous.

Recommended induction furnace steelmaking rated power configuration (iron and steel) 
Furnace capacity power range 
1 ton 500-750KW 
2 tons 1000-1500KW 
3 tons 1500-2000KW 
4 tons 1750-2500KW 
5 tons 2500-3000KW 
6 tons 3000-4000KW 
8 tons 4000-5000KW 
10 tons 5000-7000KW 
12 tons 6000-8000KW 
15 tons 8000-10000KW 



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