250kw high frequency induction heating equipment

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Model: SD-250 
Input power: 250KW 
Input voltage: 360V ~ 420V 
Oscillation frequency: 15 ~ 35KHz 
Application areas:

1. Heating forging of round steel with a diameter of 50mm or less.

2 , Φ 500mm discs, Φ 350mm shaft quenching.

3. The machine guide rail is quenched.

4 , quenching treatment of auto parts and motorcycle parts.

5 , heat treatment of workpieces such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.

The split design is suitable for use in a variety of different environments. It consists of a rectification part, a filtering part, an inverter part, a main control part, a driving part, a transformer unit, etc., and is fully protected.

250kw high frequency induction heating equipment technical parameters selection:

Working power


Cooling water flow (host)

32L/Min ( 0.1MPa )

Operating voltage range

360V ~ 420V

Cooling water flow (transformer)

  29L/Min ( 0.1MPa )

Input Current


Cooling water pressure

0.1 to 0.3 MPa

Output Power


Host weight


Oscillating frequency

15 ~ 35KHz

Transformer weight


Transformer dimensions (mm3 )

500 × 600 ×1000

Mainframe dimensions ( mm3 )

530 × 1000 × 1850


1. IGBT is used as the main device and full-bridge inverter, with perfect protection function and high reliability.

2 , remote control and matching infrared temperature measurement, automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operation.

3 , replace the oxy-acetylene flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and other heating methods.

4 , using frequency automatic tracking and multi-channel closed-loop control, easy to install, easy to operate.



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