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S14 series rotor sand mixer

Introduce:S14 sand mixer price and selection method,rotor sand mixer features,structure advanced sand mixer manufacturer
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Rotor sand mixer use: 
S14 series rotor sand mixer is mainly used for the mixing of foundry sand. It can mix single sand for machine modeling, dry sand, self-hard sand, sand and sand, or glass. , ceramics, refractory materials and other industries mix a variety of powder and granular materials. 
Rotor sand mixer features: 
The low-speed scraper and the medium-speed rotor are optimally matched, the mixing amount is large, the mixing ability is strong, and the comprehensive performance of the molding sand is good. 


New materials such as diabase cast stone, tungsten carbide surfacing, and No. 2 packing have greatly improved the life of wearing parts. 
Hydraulic coupling, alloy steel gear, No. 1 packing, lubrication control machine ensure the transmission system is stable and reliable, and can load start. 
The latest rotary discharge door is flexible and reliable. 
The symmetrical opening of the access door greatly facilitates overhaul and cleaning. 
The steel base makes it easy to install the machine. 
S14 sand mixer price and selection method

This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific price.





   S 1425E

Price ¥ yuan

Disk diameter (mm )





¥90000 yuan

One feed amount ( kg )





¥100000 yuan

Productivity (t/h )





¥ 110000 Yuan

Scraper motor power ( kw )





¥120000 yuan

Rotor motor power ( kw )





¥ 130000 Yuan

Scraper speed(r/min)





¥ 140000 Yuan

Rotor speed(r/min)





¥ 150000 Yuan



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