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Reasons for crack damage in intermediate frequency furnace lining

Time: 2019-08-10

Reasons for crack damage in intermediate frequency furnace lining

The metal protruding portion is soaked into the lining section to cause damage to the lining. The metal protruding part is caused by the cracking of the lining into the molten metal, and there are three kinds of cracks:

1) Transverse cracks Due to the stratification of the lining material during the furnace construction or the looseness of the lining due to the structural reasons of the furnace. Layering: vibrating 捣 real-time, the smallest particles (especially powdery materials), the concentrated surface forms a thin layer of powder, the strength is very low. When the upper layer is not loosened, the upper layer is not loosened, and then the upper layer is compacted to form a layer. In order to prevent delamination, the surface of the furnace should be loosened before feeding (about 20mm). When the furnace is built, the thickness of each layer of the charge should be adjusted according to the method of building the furnace and the tool used for the furnace (when the electric building tool is used, the thickness of each layer is preferably 60-80 mm). The addition of the lining material at the bottom of the large furnace and the lower part of the side wall (when the thickness of the feed is greater than 500 mm) is required to be added with a funnel to prevent particle segregation during the falling of the lining material. Another possible cause of the transverse crack is that the lining near the taphole when the furnace is cooled is adhered to the molten iron, and the lining is cooled and contracted to cause cracks. uInsulation of molten iron is too low, causing the upper molten iron to condense, and then using high power, the lower molten iron (temperature rise) moves the upper cooling material upwards, thus driving the transverse crack of the charge. u

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