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The structure principle of the oblate inductor of the induction heating furnace

Time: 2021-08-08

The structure principle of the oblate inductor of the induction heating furnace

Figure 5-8 is the structure diagram of the oblate inductor of the induction heating furnace . The coil is spiral, but its cross section is oblate, and the coil is compressed by two end plates.


Figure 5-8 Oblate sensor


This induction heating furnace of flat circular heating sheet suitable sensor may be used to heat a long (compared to the diameter of the blank) is the blank end portion, uniformity and efficiency of the heating temperature sensors is better than some of the slit . However, the automatic feeding and discharging device of the oblate sensor is very complicated, and sometimes it has to be loaded and unloaded manually. In terms of loading and unloading, the oblate sensor is not as convenient as the slit sensor.

This induction heating furnace of flat circular inductor in manufacturing has certain difficulties, since the heat-resistant layer and the insulating layer is difficult to reliably secured between the blank and the coil. When the size of the oblate inductor is not very large, the heat-resistant layer can be made into a whole and placed in the coil.

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