2T Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Introduce:Provides a good way to quickly select 2T intermediate frequency induction furnace  , provides 2T intermediate frequency induction furnace price, provides 2T intermediate frequency induction furnace structure selection method, provides related configuration such as transformer, incoming cable, incoming line voltage, water cooling system, method for determining energy consumption of 2T medium frequency induction furnace.
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2 T medium frequency induction furnace consists of:

1600kw thyristor intermediate frequency power supply - compensation capacitor cabinet - aluminum shell or steel shell melting furnace body - hydraulic tilting furnace system - remote control box ZXZ-150T closed - loop cooling tower. The 2T medium frequency induction furnace has protection systems such as over voltage, over current, water temperature, water pressure, short circuit and grounding. The operation panel has various parameters such as working parameter display table and display working status, and there are indications such as fault and temperature.


2T medium frequency induction furnace price

The price of the 2T medium frequency induction furnace is calculated according to the power of the thyristor intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configuration prices vary. This price is for reference only. Contact us will have a very low price, please consult the specific price. Firstfurnace@gmail.com   

Serial number

Item name

Specification model



Price ¥


1600kwintermediate frequency power supply cabinet






Compensation capacitor cabinet

0.75- 2 000-1S





2T furnacesteel shell

GW- 2T





Water cooled cable

LHSD- 400






2T furnace dedicated




Total: ¥ 361500

2 T medium frequency induction furnace furnace structure selection summary table

2 T medium frequency induction furnace body

Steel shell furnace

Aluminum shell furnace

Furnace shell material

Steel structure

Aluminum structure

Furnace tilting mechanism

Hydraulic cylinder


Furnace hydraulic pumping station






Furnace cover



Leakage alarm



Energy consumption




10 years

4-5 years

2 T medium frequency induction furnace furnace price



2 T medium frequency induction furnace transformer capacity how to choose?

        The relationship between the capacity of the intermediate frequency induction furnace transformer and the power of the SCR intermediate frequency power supply is: the value of the transformer capacity = the value of the intermediate frequency power supply , and the transformer of 1600KVA is selected . In order to reduce the interference of harmonics, the special purpose machine is dedicated to one medium frequency induction furnace. Configure a dedicated rectifier transformer.

How to choose the 2T intermediate frequency induction furnace incoming line voltage? 
2T frequency induction furnace using 1200kw-1600KW generally an SCR frequency power supply 6 with three-phase or six-phase clock pulse wire 12 60V, 50Hz industrial use, arranged pulse rectifier 6-pulse or 12.

Configure 12- pulse double rectification   How to choose the 2T intermediate frequency induction furnace incoming line voltage?

1 ,   The input voltage of 2T medium frequency induction furnace is 660v , 575v , double rectification 380v ;

2 , do not blindly pursue high voltage (some   2T medium frequency induction furnace 1600KW uses 900V line voltage), which has achieved energy saving since low current. High voltage is easy to shorten the life of electrical components, copper platoon and cable are tired, which makes the life of electric furnace greatly reduced.

How to calculate the cable of 2T medium frequency induction furnace ?

For example: The maximum power of the intermediate frequency power supply of the 2T medium frequency induction furnace is 1600kw , the intermediate frequency power supply cable of the 1600KW incoming line voltage of 660V = 1600000/660/1.732/2=699mm 2 , and the 8mm × 80mm copper plate should be selected instead of thecable.

How large is the closed cooling tower calculation method for the 2T medium frequency induction furnace medium frequency induction furnace ?

Select a closed-water cooling tower with a formula of 1600kw × 0.5 × 860 ÷ 5000 = 140T .

Select the integrated cooling tower to separately cool the intermediate frequency power supply and the furnace body. The cooling tower tonnage selection formula of the intermediate frequency power supply is: 1600kw × 0.12 × 860 ÷ 5000=30T . The cooling tower tonnage selection formula of the furnace induction coil is: 1600kw × 0.45 × 860 ÷ 5000=120T , the integrated layered closed-loop cooling tower is selected as 30T + 120T=150T should be selected as a 150T cooling tower, the corresponding model is: ZXZ-150T ( 30/120)

Determination of energy consumption of 2 T medium frequency induction furnace

The medium frequency power supply of the medium frequency induction furnace is the more power saving, the energy consumption of the molten iron furnace: 58 0KW.h/t temperature 1550 ° C , energy consumption of molten steel furnace 620 KW.h/t temperature 1550 ° C.


2T medium frequency induction furnace technical parameters

Equipment type GW-1/1600

Technical indicators ( 6pulses)

Technical indicators (12 pulses)

IF power supply rated power

1600 KW   Frequency 1000Hz

1600 KW frequency 1000Hz

Intermediate frequency power supply phase voltage



Intermediate frequency power rectifier

3- phase 6- pulse rectification

6- phase 12- pulse rectification

IF power start mode

Zero voltage start or sweep start

Sweep start

Start success rate

100% (including heavy load)

100% (including heavy load)

Rated voltage



Rated Capacity



Rated temperature

1700 °C

1700 °C

With IF power supply specifications

KGPS-1/ 1600 IF power supply

KGPS-1/ 1600 IF power supply

With medium frequency furnace specifications

GW- 2 steel shell or aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace

GW- 2 steel shell or aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace

Melting rate

2   T/H

2   T/H


1600 A

1600 A

Alternating current

1300   A

1300   A

Power factor

≥ 0.85

≥ 0.85

Tilting method:

Optional reducer or hydraulic tilting furnace

Optional reducer or hydraulic tilting furnace

Water cooled cable



What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the 2T IF induction furnace ?

1. The medium frequency induction furnace must have room for layout, and it is necessary to provide the area and layout of the plant.

2. The customer needs to provide the capacity of the transformer, the magnitude of the incoming line voltage, and the frequency of the incoming line voltage.

3. The medium frequency induction furnace needs water cooling equipment, and the configuration of the medium frequency induction furnace contains water cooling equipment.

4. The structure of the medium frequency induction furnace has a steel shell body and an aluminum shell body, which requires the customer to specify the furnace structure.

5. The power supply of the medium frequency induction furnace is the intermediate frequency power supply. The line structure of the intermediate frequency power supply is divided into the inverter parallel and the inverter series structure. The inverter series structure is energy-saving, the power factor is 0.98, and the line is stable. The inverter parallel structure is of the common type with a power factor of 0.92, which requires the customer to specify the line structure.

What are the technical requirements for cooling water in the cooling parts of 2T medium frequency induction furnace ?

Different frequency induction furnace cooling portion cooling requirements different from water, an induction coil, a capacitor of the cooling water system using industrial cooling water pressure, the pressure is maintained at 0.15-0.2mpa, water temperature maintained at 20-35 ° C inlet water temperature temperature below 55 ° C.

How large is the 2T medium frequency induction furnace using a reservoir?

The 2T medium frequency induction furnace consists of two parts, which are divided into intermediate frequency power supply and furnace body. The same reservoir can be used to cool the outlet water temperature to be controlled within 55 ° C. The reservoir is 40 cubic meters : the cooling effect is poor, and it is easy to block. The investment is minimal and the cooling effect is average.

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