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Technical characteristics of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply KGPS-250Kw

Time: 2019-08-24

Technical characteristics of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply KGPS-250Kw

A, KGPS-250Kw/1000Hz thyristor intermediate frequency power supply:

1. The intermediate frequency output rated power is 250Kw, the rated frequency is 1000Hz, the incoming line is the bottom incoming line mode, and the intermediate frequency furnace device is equipped with the intermediate frequency power meter.

2. The total capacity of the intermediate frequency capacitor cabinet is 5000Kvar, the rated voltage is 375V, and the rated frequency is 1000Hz. The cabinet size, output copper row size and height meet the technical requirements and national regulations.

3, IF isolation transformer 1000KVA, secondary output voltage is 250V, 280V, 320V third gear, each gear has an output value mark, in order to reverse gear. There must be plenty of space around the IF isolation transformer for maintenance and maintenance.

4, the intermediate frequency output power can be manually adjusted, set the temperature control interface, the temperature control signal is 4 ~ 20mA, in order to implement automatic control. During self-control, the startup bias current is established by itself, and the bias current is applied after startup. The control power can be uniformly adjusted from the lowest maintenance power (10% of full power) to full power.

5. The water pressure protection device should be installed in the thyristor intermediate frequency furnace device. When the water pressure is low, the intermediate frequency power supply stops working, and the electric furnace fault protection device (normally closed contact) needs to be set. When various faults occur in the electric furnace, the intermediate frequency power supply should be Stop working immediately.

6. The thyristor intermediate frequency furnace device is protected by over current, over voltage and under water pressure, and automatically stops.

7. The thyristor intermediate frequency device and the capacitor cabinet are integrated into an intermediate frequency power supply and a lower incoming line.

8, the power supply comes with pure water internal circulation cooling system and air conditioning cooling system; power cabinet dust, waterproof, heat, fully consider the carbon dust isolation. With soft start, voltage limit and over voltage, over current, over temperature protection and other functions. It can realize automatic control and fault self-test. Continuous and stable production.

9. The power input terminal is equipped with a power power transmission module, and the output signal is 4-20 mA.

10. The power supply is equipped with a harmonic control system, through which the interference caused by the higher harmonics of the intermediate frequency power supply to the external power grid can be eliminated.

11. All alarm signals provide an external output auxiliary contact for connection to the demand control system.

B, main technical parameters of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply:

10, rated working temperature: 1200 ° C

11, the average temperature zone size: Φ800 × 1200mm

12. The induction coils are connected in parallel for each group of 5 turns. The size of the induction coil is Φ1110 (inside diameter) × 1680 (height).

13, graphite crucible size is Φ800 (inside diameter) × 1500 (high), thickness 35

14, the insulation material is carbon felt, the thickness is 80mm

15. The diameter of the inner cylinder of the furnace shell: Φ2120

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