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What should you pay attention to when Steel pipe heat treatment

Time: 2019-09-04

Steel pipe heat treatment should pay attention to: 1, box or step furnace should pay attention to: overheating, over-burning, temperature unevenness, uneven hardness, heat treatment deformation 2, medium frequency tempering, quenching should pay attention to: 1) roller, induction coil If the alignment is not good during installation, it is easy to cause the steel pipe to bend when it is heated before quenching. The roller table needs to be adjusted and aligned frequently. 2) The turbid water used for quenching must be thoroughly precipitated and filtered to remove iron oxide and water impurities to avoid clogging the nozzle on the quenching spray ring. 3) The design of the nozzle on the spray ring must ensure that the nozzle has uniform water discharge and uniform pressure on any section. 4) When the steel pipe enters the inductors in the quenching zone and the tempering zone, it must be connected end to end to avoid the “end effect”, so as not to affect the performance index of the heat treatment of the steel pipe. The question you asked upstairs is too big. I don't know how to answer it. The type of heat treatment of steel pipes is divided into "N" types due to the type of steel pipe and the delivery status. For example, cleaning heat treatment, Precision heat treatment, energy-saving heat treatment, less oxidation heat treatment... Steel tube heat treatment process in addition to general normalizing, tempering, annealing, quenching, annealing of high carbon chromium steel pipe, martensite quenching of high carbon chromium steel pipe Tempering, austempering of bainite steel tube, carburizing of carbon steel, nitriding and carbonitriding, surface modification of steel pipe.

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