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Induction furnace Q&A

What are the benefits of using medium frequency induction furnace steelmaking?

Time: 2019-08-29

(1) Although the intermediate frequency induction furnace is also a high-power power-consuming device, the interference to the power grid is much smaller than that of the electric arc furnace;

(2) In terms of environmental impact, the noise during the smelting process is small, and the smoke, gas, dust and waste residue are relatively small;

(3) In terms of resource utilization, furnace materials (including various alloying elements added) have less burning loss and higher yield. The amount of slag-forming material is much smaller and does not require electrodes;

(4) In terms of metallurgical function, due to the electromagnetic stirring effect, the composition of the molten steel is relatively uniform, the temperature of the molten steel is relatively uniform, and the temperature control is also convenient, and there is no problem of carbon increase due to the electrode. Since there is no high temperature action of the arc, there is no problem that the nitrogen is dissociated at a high temperature and is easily absorbed by the molten steel;

(5) The investment in equipment is small, and the area occupied by the site is relatively small;

(6) It is easier to automate the operation


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