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What kind of crucible is used to melt copper in the medium frequency induction melting furnace?

Time: 2019-07-04

Use graphite crucible, because copper is non-magnetic metal, so you need the circuit to heat the crucible, then let the heat of the crucible melt the copper metal, choose the appropriate crucible size, the size is placed in the middle of the furnace ring, the gap has more than one point, just fine Then, the inner side of the coil is covered with a layer of insulating cloth, and then the filler is filled in the middle of the heat-insulating cloth and the sputum. It is solidified with sharp objects. It is necessary to play it layer by layer. To be honest, it is quite cumbersome. There are sequelae... As for the filler, you can use Molaisha, quartz sand, etc.

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