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Induction furnace Q&A

What problems should you pay attention to when using induction furnaces?

Time: 2019-08-28

For medium frequency induction furnaces, the following issues should be noted:

(1) At the beginning of melting, since the inductance and capacitance on the line are not quickly matched properly, the current is unstable, so it can only be supplied with low power in a short time. Once the current is stable, it should be converted to full load power. The capacitor should be continually adjusted during the melting process to maintain a high power factor in the helium device. After the furnace material is fully melted, the molten steel is superheated to a certain extent, and then the input power is reduced according to the smelting requirements.

(2) The appropriate melting time should be controlled. If the melting time is too short, it will cause difficulties in voltage and capacitor selection. If it is too long, it will increase the unhelpful heat loss.

(3) If the fabric is improper or the furnace contains too much rust, the phenomenon of bridgewill occur and it should be disposed of in time. The "bridge" makes the upper unmelted charge not fall into the molten steel, so that the melting is stagnant, and the overheating of the bottom molten steel easily damages the lining, and the molten steel absorbs a large amount of gas.

(4) Due to the electromagnetic stirring effect, the middle part of the molten steel rises, and the slag often flows to the edge of the crucible and sticks to the furnace wall. Therefore, the slag should be continuously added according to the furnace condition during the melting process.

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