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Introduce:Guideline quenching machine selection method, guide rail quenching machine features, rail quenching machine main components, machine tool quenching how to achieve automation? What are the methods for quenching machine guide rails? 
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First, the performance selection of the rail quenching machine :

1. The guide rail quenching machine adopts PLC industrial digital control system with advanced performance, convenient debugging and use, and can meet the quenching needs of complex workpieces to the greatest extent.

2 , a variety of quenching methods: continuous scanning quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmental continuous scanning quenching (segment by program setting, no need to switch), segmentation and simultaneous quenching, etc. can be achieved;

3 , the bed is corrected, no need to change heads;

4 , environmental protection: the rail quenching machine has no pollution, noise and dust;

5. Guide rail quenching machine is equipped with a unique cooling system: the coolant of the integrated quenching liquid circulation cooling system is the car coolant, which solves the problems of long time, inconvenience and freezing in the winter. Fully enclosed circulation cooling to avoid blockage caused by debris; overheating damage caused by power supply, induction coil, etc. caused by no scale formation.

6. Complete protection measures, low failure rate, stable performance, no worries;

7. The control cabinet and the transformer cabinet are integrated, and the complete design system of the whole design is walked together to reduce the support caused by the power line and the water pipe, so that the workshop layout is neat and orderly. The workpiece is fixed, easy to install, convenient to operate the platform, and flexible to move.

8 , three-dimensional motion direction: rail quenching machine can do: including horizontal motion, vertical motion, up and down motion and other self-movement. It overcomes the movement of the machine tool itself when it is used, and solves the hidden dangers of the customer's work tooling, inconvenience, long time and so on.

9. Energy-saving and energy-saving: The guide rail quenching machine adopts IGBT international advanced components to save electricity, save energy and reduce costs. The efficiency is 30%~40% higher than the old thyristor IF .

10 、Adaptability: The guide rail quenching machine is self-propelled, especially suitable for larger and heavier and longer guide rails: such as gantry milling, gantry planing, large lathes, etc. It is also suitable for quenching of machine tool accessories such as various machine bed surfaces. . Can heat a wide variety of workpieces.

11 , high precision, high quality and high efficiency quenching process:

A. High quenching accuracy: The gap between the sensor and the guide surface is designed to be adjusted by the adjustable guide wheel to avoid contact between the sensor and the bed surface. The gap is always fixed, temperature and heating time. Precise control, smooth movement and uniform temperature;

B. High quenching quality: no oxide layer, small deformation, depth and hardness of hardened layer is about 2~4MM , and can also be determined according to the manufacturer's process requirements. If the material is HT200-HT300 , the hardness is HRC48~53 . Quenching hardness and hardness layer is moderate;

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