Steel belt heating to blue induction heating equipment

Introduce:Steel belt heating to blue equipment selection method, new generation steel belt heating blue to blue equipment features, high frequency steel belt heating to blue furnace equipment power consumption, steel belt heating blue induction heating equipment advantages energy saving, fast heating
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I. Overview:

  1.  Steel belt heating Blue furnace induction heating to blue is to directly heat the workpiece and oxidize in the air to achieve a blue effect. It has high efficiency, good working conditions, easy temperature control, low metal burning loss, and no need for preheating. The shortage of conventional resistance wire heating can be completely overcome. 
    2, 3S meet internationally accepted standards (SURE reliable, SAFE security, SAVING saving), and 3C standard (C00L low temperature, CLEAN clean, CLAM quiet. The current international change of countries have generally adopted the technology. 
    3 , the designed circuit is stable and reliable, all kinds of protection functions are complete, the failure rate is low, the components used in the circuit board are internationally renowned brands, and the quality is reliable. The power output of the whole machine is stable, and the output power is arbitrarily adjusted from 10% to 100% , which can well meet the power requirements of different workpieces. 钢带烤蓝机械设备1.jpg
    Second, the new generation of steel belt heating blue to blue equipment features: 
    1. High efficiency and energy saving ( electromagnetic heating ) is 4-6 times more energy efficient than conventional heating blue equipment ; 
    2. No contact heating blue (electrode and steel strip are not in contact); 
    3. The surface of the steel strip is bright (generating a heated blue crystal phase structure); 
    4. The price is low ( 4-6 million yuan / set of furnace body ); 
    5. The operation is simple, and the production speed can be freely set according to the power; 
    6.16mm-32mm wide can produce 10-20 
    Third, the high-frequency steel belt heating to blue furnace equipment power consumption is as follows 
    1 can save 200 yuan of heating costs per day , you can use it when you turn it on. Stop at work. 
    2 to 0.9 mm thick 32 mm wide strip prevail, yield 3.5 tons -3.9 tons per hour. 
    3 energy consumption per ton of 70 yuan. Note that the resistance furnace is about 130-140 yuan. 
    4 can turn blue 39 at the same time . 
    5 The floor space is 600 mm, which is one tenth of the original floor space. 
    6 You can quickly change specifications at any time, and there is no energy consumption at this time.

It can carry out multiple online heating on various types of 16 , 19 , 32mm thick 0.9mm packing belts, heating speed is fast, temperature uniformity is good, can be heated 8-13 meters per minute , and a roll ( 50kg ) is replaced by oxygen in a few minutes. The best choice for heating means such as ovens and coal stoves. 
 4, heating the steel strip becomes blue induction heating equipment advantages:

1 : Energy saving, fast heating, can help you reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

2 : Can help you improve your corporate image, improve your working environment, improve product quality, and no pollution, no IF noise, no operational damage, no pollution to the power grid, no need to be equipped with large-capacity step-up transformer and voltage compensation equipment (saving investment in auxiliary equipment).

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