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1. Overview of continuous casting machine

The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into a slab having a certain section shape and a certain size specification is called continuous casting steel.

The equipment required to complete this process is called a continuous casting plant. The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of the steel casting equipment, the continuous casting machine body equipment, the cutting area equipment, the picking rod collection and conveying equipment constitutes the core part of the continuous casting steel, which is customarily called the continuous casting machine.


2, continuous casting machine selection method

The main equipment combination: vibration table, crystallizer, tension leveler, flexible (hard) spindle rod traction, ramp, conveyor track, push steel storage, Siemens frequency conversion electronic control, pump station, etc., reasonable design, less investment, effective Fast, saving materials and plant floor space, is an ideal supporting equipment for small and medium-sized steel mills.

The arc continuous casting machine adopts multi-roller transmission, disperses the pulling force and adopts continuous straightening, so that the deformation rate of the surface of the slab and the two phases is reduced to a small extent. The tensioning frame, the roller and the bearing seat are all in the form of internal cooling. It is beneficial to improve the quality of the slab and prolong the service life of the equipment. The caster mold steel tube is curved and the inner wall is treated with hard chrome to increase the service life. After the steel is crusted in the crystallizer, it is regulated by one or two stages of cooling water, and is spray-cooled along the curved track. Then enter the straightening machine and cut it after full solidification.

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3, continuous casting machine water cooling system

For water cooling of continuous casting machines, it is mainly composed of rotary joints, water pipes, water pumps and sufficient water sources. The continuous casting machine water cooling system is mainly used to cool the continuous casting machine billet idler.


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