Continuous casting machine crystallizer

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The crystallizer is a water-cooled ingot mold that is the core component of the mold and is called the heart of the continuous casting equipment. The molten steel is cooled in the crystallizer, preliminarily solidified, and uniformly formed into a shell having a certain thickness. The crystallizer is cooled by cooling water and is commonly referred to as primary cooling.


1. The tubular crystallizer is used, and the inner water jacket is a stainless steel integral water jacket to ensure the uniformity of the water joint.

2. The upper end of the copper tube is fixed by the key plate, and the lower end is free to adapt to the longitudinal expansion and contraction caused by the sharp change of the cold and hot copper tube. The fixing is firm and easy to disassemble.

3. The crystallizer is fastened on the frame of the vibrating device with quick release bolts. The positioning surface and the positioning pin are used for accurate and convenient positioning, accurate arc and quick replacement.

4. The inlet and outlet water is sealed by O-rings, which are automatically connected, convenient to install and reliable in positioning.

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