5KW electromagnetic induction heater  

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First, product electrical specifications

1 , rated voltage frequency: AC 220V/50Hz

2 , voltage adaptation range: 100V ~ 260V

3 , rated power: 5KW ( power adjustable range is 20 ~ 100%)  

Second, the environmental adaptability

1 , temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C;

2 , humidity: ≤ 95% ;  

Third, 5KW electromagnetic heater basic selection method

1 , voltage and power characteristics: 210 ~ 260V constant power output;

2 , thermal efficiency ≥ 95% ;

3 , IGBT overheat protection temperature: 85 ± 5 °C;

4 , working frequency: 5 ~ 40KHz ;

5 , using industrial-grade high-reliability AVR high-speed computing processor, half-bridge series resonance;

6 , using high-reliability digital phase-locked loop control technology, digital stepless adjustment to achieve power 20% ~ 100% adjustable, and is also compatible with 0 ~ 5VDC and 4 ~ 20mA analog PID control power output;

7. Fully electrically isolated soft start heating / stop mode control interface for easy connection with thermostat; 12V/24V input start / stop mode control interface for easy connection with various solid state relays (with voltage input operation, otherwise stop heating) ), the control reflects fast, starting time < 1S ;

8 , with heating coil short circuit, open circuit protection function, 130% overload and no-load transient protection function, protection response time ≤ 2uS ;

9. Add a load temperature detection interface, connect the thermistor, and detect the temperature range from 0 to 150 °C with an accuracy of ± 1 °C ;

10 , wide coil compatibility, can be compatible with the replacement of the same model of other companies;

11. Strong anti-interference ability, soft-start high-reliability electrical isolation, 30 controllers can be simultaneously controlled to start / stop simultaneously without interference on the same heating body ;

12 , open application platform, users can automatically read current, frequency, phase difference, temperature and other important parameters with our dedicated digital programming display, or set various application parameters according to needs, making installation and debugging more simple and convenient;

13 、You can set the working time from 1 to 255 days. When the time is up, it will be automatically turned off. You need to enter the password to restart it.

14 、Using industrial grade components, 100% high temperature aging test, ensuring continuous and reliable operation for 24 hours in industrial environment of 50 °C for a long time , service life ≥ 50000Hrs ;

15 、Product standard: The control board is integrated with the heat sink, equipped with a cooling fan, chassis and digital display;

16 , the physical size of the controller: length 290mm * width 250mm * height 170mm ;  

Fourth, the company's electromagnetic heating plate advantages

1. This product adopts industrial grade high reliability AVR digital phase-locked loop control technology, digital stepless adjustment power 20 ~ 100% , and increased 5VDC and 4 ~ 20mA analog PID control interface, making power control more accurate and stable. More suitable for a variety of equipment with production;

2 , with short circuit and open circuit protection, no-load and overload protection, over-temperature and over-current and other perfect protection functions to ensure that the product does not burn for a long time;

3, with 4 60A imported Fairchild IGBT, fully guarantee the load bearing capacity of the product to ensure that products reflect a controlled start-up time and faster, more precise temperature control than their peers;

4 , increase the 12V/24V voltage control interface to facilitate the use of solid state relay control;

5 , the introduction of advanced production technology in Japan, the product has undergone rigorous functional testing and high temperature aging test before leaving the factory to ensure that the product is continuously and reliably operated in the industrial environment of 50 °C for 24 hours, the service life is ≥ 50000Hrs ; all products are guaranteed for one year nationwide , the product Lifelong maintenance, full technical guidance and service, so that you have no worries;  

5, 5KW electromagnetic heater system wiring instructions and schematic diagram

1. Three indicator lights, power indicator Power and work lights (two work lights Work , one board, one external), Power and Work are on at the same time during normal operation , Work work indicator when it is in stop working or protection state Shining

2 , Soft Boot This terminal is used to start / stop. It is working when it is closed; it is stopped when it is disconnected.

3 , AC-L and AC-N are 220V power input, OUT1 and OUT2 are output terminals connected to the heating coil;

4 , coil reference parameters:

Mica wrapped glass fiber braided high temperature resistant cable, cross-section national standard 8 ~ 10mm 2 inductance is 60 ~ 80uH , about 12 ~ 15m length (excluding lead length), thickness required after insulation cotton compression: tubular coil: 15 ~ 25mm , flat coil: 10 ~ 15mm , the working current of the quota: 20 ~ 22A , the general working frequency is: 10K ~ 20KHZ .


Control board wiring diagram:


Installation dimension drawing:


Sixth, the scope of application of the product: 
1. Rubber and plastics industry: various processing equipment such as injection molding machine, film blowing machine, extruder, granulator, blow molding machine, wire drawing machine, plastic dryer, rubber deoiling tank, etc. 
2 , chemical industry: reaction kettle, vulcanizing machine, various wax processing, etc. 
3 , food industry: tea machinery, roasted seeds and nuts machine, pancake machine, spring roll machine, bean machine, braised pork pot, etc. 
4 , oilfield and other refining industry: oil pipeline heating and repair, lubricant refining, etc. 
5. Medical, pharmaceutical and health industries: steam boilers, pharmaceutical heaters, medical equipment, etc. 
6 , boilers: heat transfer oil boilers, hot water boilers, heating boilers, ironing boilers, etc.   



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