60kw super audio induction heating equipment

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[Model] : WH-VI-60

[Application] : 1. The round steel bar with a diameter of 35mm or less is forged by heat. 2 , Φ 260mm discs, Φ 80mm or less shaft quenching. 3. The machine guide rails with a section of less than 200 mm are quenched. 4 , metal strip hot-plating, steel wire heat treatment heating. 5 , non-ferrous metal smelting.


60kw super audio induction heating equipment works: 
The 60kw super-audio induction heating device adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The alternating magnetic field generated by the inductor generates the induced current of the same frequency, and the distribution of the induced current in the workpiece is uneven, so that the surface of the workpiece is weak inside, and the core is close to 0 to achieve the purpose of heating.  
Technical parameters of 60kw super audio induction heating equipment:  



input power


Input voltage


Water temperature protection point

50 °C

Oscillating frequency


Cooling water pressure


Cooling water flow (host)

25L/min ( 0.3mpa)

Cooling water flow (transformer)

18L/min ( 0.3mpa)

Host volume

590 × 450 ×780mm3

Transformer volume

420 × 355 ×450mm3

Host weight

65 ± 5% kg

Transformer weight

50 ± 5% kg

60kw super audio induction heating equipment performance characteristics: 
1. No external heating is required for the workpiece, and local heating can be selectively performed, so that the electric energy consumption is small and the workpiece deformation is small.  
2 , 60kw super audio induction heating equipment heating speed, the workpiece can reach the required temperature in a very short time, even within 1 second. As a result, the surface of the workpiece is oxidized and decarburized, and most workpieces do not require gas protection. 
3 , with constant current and constant power control function, greatly optimize the metal heating process, achieve efficient and rapid heating, product superiority has been greatly exerted. 
4. The surface hardened layer can be adjusted by adjusting the working frequency and power of the equipment as needed. Therefore, the martensite structure of the hardened layer is finer, and the hardness, strength and toughness are relatively high. 
5. The workpiece after heat treatment by induction heating has a thick tough region under the hard layer of the surface, and has good compressive internal stress, so that the workpiece has higher fatigue resistance and breaking ability. 
6 , 100% negative rate design, can work 24 hours a day. 
7. The induction coil can be freely disassembled and assembled, and it is easy to replace. The ultra-fast heating speed greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the workpiece. 
8 , can replace other heating methods (such as gas, coking coal, oil furnace, electric furnace, high-frequency tube, etc.), energy saving and environmental protection. 
9 , a multi-purpose machine. The heat treatment processes such as quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing, quenching and tempering can be completed, and welding, smelting, hot assembly, thermal disassembly and diathermy forming can be completed. 

Application of 60kw super audio induction heating equipment: 
1. The enthusiasm of various high-strength bolts and nuts; 
2 , various semi-axle, leaf spring, fork, valve, rocker arm, ball pin and other auto parts quenching. 
3. Quenching of various internal combustion engine parts and speed reducer parts. 
4. Welding of various carbide heads and saw blades; 
5 , high-frequency welding of various metal steel - steel, steel - copper, copper - copper equivalent metal or dissimilar metals; 
6. Welding of mining equipment such as various picks, drill heads, drill pipes, coal drill bits and wind drill bits 
7. Quenching of various hand tools such as pliers, knife cutters, axes, hammers, etc. 
8. Welding of various diamond composite drill bits; 
9. Quenching of various gears, sprockets and shafts; 
10. Quenching treatment of machine bed rails in the machine tool industry.



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