Drill rod end high frequency heating equipment

Introduce:Drill rod end high frequency heating equipment - super audio power equipment heating method and characteristics, main technical parameters, advantages
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The super-audio power supply equipment can be used for the end of various drill rods with diameter specifications of Φ160mm (such as Φ89mm geological drill pipe), heating temperature of 800 °C , and subsequent extrusion molding. Continuous heating, replaces coke heating and traditional heating methods and main features of the oil furnace :

1 , heating speed, electric heating , no pollution, good working conditions;

2 , using imported core components, energy saving;

3. Reduce labor costs and human capital;

4 , the use of hot end processing, saving expensive card heads .

The main parameters of the drill rod end high frequency heating equipment :


The main technical parameters of the power supply 

Model: YFL-160 
Input power: 160KW 
Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50-60HZ 
Oscillating frequency: 15-25KHZ   25-35KHZ 
160KW main control cabinet 650mm*480mm*1440mm 
Transformer cabinet 500mm*800mm*580mm

Three advantages 
1 , a substantial power saving, each heating a ton of steel, power consumption of 320 degrees (full red heating). Compared with the thyristor medium frequency power saving 20% -30%. 
2 , will not bring network side pollution, power supply transformers do not heat, substation compensation capacitors do not heat, do not interfere with other equipment work. 
3. Reduce the capacity of the power supply transformer. 
It is also possible to perform surface hardening of various workpieces, welding of a composite drill bit, etc. by replacing the high frequency head, that is, the induction coil. Adjust the power knob to operate. Achieve multi-purpose effects



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