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SZ145W microseismic compaction molding machine

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SZ145W microseismic compaction molding machine is suitable for mass production of small casting single-sided model single box shape, can be built into the box or the lower box, the machine uses micro-shock compaction mechanism, the modeling sand is tight and uniform, the use efficiency is improved compared with manual, can To improve the quality and output. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the function is complete, and the use is flexible and convenient. 

Specifications for  SZ145W microseismic compaction molding machine

1: Sandbox size 600*4502 mm
2: Workbench area 700*500 mm 
3: Normal working pressure 0.55-0.8 Mpa 
4: Pressure strength 6400 KG (at a pressure of 0.8Mpa) 
5: Shock lift 900 KG 
6: Compaction stroke 110 mm 
7: Draft stroke 150 mm 
8: Indenter to table distance 200-400 mm (adjustable) 
9: Dimensions 1000*700*1500 mm (length * width * height) 

10: Total weight 800 KG 

Main Features

1: This machine consists of the fuselage, the die-cutting mechanism, the shock compaction mechanism, the nose part, the casters, and the pneumatic piping system.
2: The fuselage consists of a solid steel frame, the upper part supports the head part, and the lower part is connected with the shock compaction mechanism. The inside of the fuselage is provided with a gas storage tank, two oil storage tanks and a control valve installation room. 
3: The die-cutting mechanism adopts a gas-liquid conversion double-cylinder die-cutting, and the rocker arm link realizes the synchronous left and right sides through the synchronous shaft.
4: The shock mechanism adopts spring micro-shock and pneumatic compaction mechanism. According to the process, it is possible to use the working mode of the first shock after compaction or the working mode of compaction and shock. 
5: The machine head is fixed to the upper part of the fuselage through the rotating shaft, and the rotation flexibility of the machine head can be adjusted by adjusting the locking nut. 
6: The caster has been improved to form a combination of the front two directional wheels + the rear two universal wheels for easy walking in the field.
7: Pneumatic control pipeline system adopts the combination of main control valve and hand valve, which has less waste of gas source and good control effect. The hydraulic wire hose is not easy to be damaged in key pipelines, which reduces the failure rate.

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