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S145II top box vibration molding machine

Introduce:S145 II type top box vibration molding machine selection method, the price of the molding machine, the use of automatic molding machine , the key points of the safe operation of the molding machine
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The S145II top box vibration molding machine has functions such as compaction, compaction, die-cutting, vibrating live mold and manual turning of the indenter. 

image.pngS145II type top box vibration molding machine is suitable for small and medium casting shape, suitable for single-sided type plate to make upper and lower case shape. If it is used for double-sided type plate shape, it can be used for smaller open or off type. Sand box shape. 
The machine is simple in operation, flexible in use, and has high surface roughness of sand type, and is suitable for use in general cast workers. 
Selection method of S145II type top box vibration molding machine

Serial number



S 145II



Maximum size of the flask




Distance between the shaking table and the sand pressing plate




Shock load









Compaction stroke





Molding stroke








Dimensions length x width x height




Machine weight



What is the price of the molding machine?

The price of the molding machine is about one or two thousand yuan per unit. Different types of molding machines, the price is not the same. In terms of categories, compaction molding machines use pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to apply pressure to the molding sand in the flask through the indenter or pattern to compact the molding sand. Its pressure is generally 0.25 to 0.4 MPa. This molding machine, so that sand compaction away from the pressing surface difference. The early 1950s there has been a high-pressure molding machine, pressure sand on the plane above 0.7 MPa. The pressure head of the high-pressure molding machine is divided into several structural forms such as a flat pressing head, a forming indenter and a multi-contact indenter. Among them, the high-pressure multi-contact molding machine is widely used. The high-pressure multi-contact molding machine head is divided into a number of small squares that can move up and down—contacts, which can obtain a large compressive strength through hydraulic cylinders. In real time , each contact applies a corresponding pressure according to the height of the pattern below it ( ie, the thickness of the pressed sand layer ) , so that the sand type obtains a high, uniform compactness and hardness. These molding machines are equipped with micro-shock shock mechanisms that can adapt to complex shapes. The high-pressure multi-contact molding machine adopts four-column structure, and has single-station type and double-station type. In order to adapt to the production of small and medium-sized castings, this type of molding machine is often equipped with a template quick change device. When the template is replaced, the molding machine does not need to be shut down. With high-pressure multi-contact molding, sand casting can cast thin-walled, accurate-sized, smooth-surfaced castings. Seismic modeling machine, this type of molding machine can be divided into shock-type and micro-shock type molding machine. The sand box and the pattern are fixed on the table of the molding machine, and the sand type is compacted by the collision of the table when the table falls and the collision surface of the anvil. This type of molding machine is very noisy, and the compactness of the upper part of the sand-making type is very low, and has been replaced by a micro-shock compaction molding machine. The vibrating molding machine can compact the compacted sand mold to obtain a tight sand pattern at the upper and lower parts.Commonly used is the microseismic compaction molding machine (see picture), which uses the falling of the table to collide with the floating shock iron, and the micro-shock compacts the sand and then compacts it. The microseismic vibration is based on the high frequency ( 500 to 1000 beats / min) and the small amplitude ( 5 to 25 mm) vibration instead of the low frequency (60 to 120 beats / min ) of the shock type molding machine and the large amplitude vibration. The sand mold produced by this molding machine has good quality and low basic requirements. The injection molding machine of the molding machine uses the compressed air to uniformly inject the molding sand into the sand box to be pre-compacted, and then applies pressure to compact. Commonly used are vertical split type boxless injection molding machine and horizontal type off-box injection molding machine. The vertical split type boxless injection molding machine does not use a sand box, and the molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with the template. The sand making type has high dimensional accuracy. Because the sand box has cavities on both sides, the productivity is high, but the lower core is difficult. The quality of the molding sand is strict. The horizontal type off-box injection molding machine uses the sand box for modeling, and the sand type is formed after the mold is unpacked, the lower core is convenient, and the productivity is high. Sand blasting machine, using rotating blades to throw sand compaction sand. The sand blasting machine is characterized by sand filling and compaction at the same time. The machine has simple structure, light weight and strong adaptability. However, the blades are prone to wear and have low productivity.

The main points of the automatic molding machine: 
1. Fully automatic one-button operation, no need for professional workers. 
Each time you complete the shape, you only need to press the start button once (not under the core working condition). If the workpiece is to be lowered, the program will automatically stop after the program is selected. After the core is finished, press the mold clamping button and the program will be completed automatically. 
2 , horizontal classification, convenient for the core. 
3 , the equipment uses ordinary coal powder sand, clay sand, red sand can be, the sand used in the general molding machine can be, the requirements for sand is not high. 
4 , template installation: four screws fixed, replaced within five minutes, to adapt to frequent mold changes. 
5 , mold hardness: mold hardness can be adjusted according to the requirements of different castings, only need to adjust a few parameters is very convenient and rapid, up to 85-95 degrees. 
6. The height of the mold can be adjusted, and the sand can be saved: the upper and lower compact plates can be adjusted to produce different mold heights. 
7. Accuracy: The shape and the shape are all carried out in the unified positioning template and sandbox system, and the repeating precision is very high. 
8. The mold quality is constant and uniform: the machine adopts high-precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer and position detection linkage. The whole modeling process is fully automatic control, without human interference, so the modeling quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable. 
9 , with security devices: advanced light curtain protection to ensure the operator's personal safety 
10 , modeling speed: about 50 seconds per box .

The molding machine is a common casting machine. When using the molding machine, pay attention to its operation points and ensure safe use during work. Many people don't know much about the use of the molding machine. They think that as long as they are put into use, they can work normally. The correct and safe use of the molding machine can extend the working life of the molding machine and improve the production quality.

The main points of the safe operation of the molding machine are as follows:

1. When using the molding machine, the operator should be familiar with the mechanical parts, electrical parts, operating procedures, lubrication systems, etc. of the molding machine, as well as other requirements specified in the use of the equipment.

The molding machine compacts the sand type program in 4 steps: tapping, indenting, compacting, indenting

Molding machine mold-up procedure: workbench clamping, lifting rod lifting, transporting sand box, chassis reset

2. When using the molding machine, before starting the equipment, check whether the lubrication device of the molding machine is perfect, and refuel according to the regulations, check whether the tight parts are tight, whether the operation handles are in the zero position (vacancy), whether the air valve action Flexible, the pipeline has no air leakage, and then open the total air valve to release the accumulated gas and water in the pipeline.


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