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Introduce:How to quickly select a good series intermediate frequency furnace? The price of the series intermediate frequency furnace and the structure of the series inverter medium frequency furnace are provided. The dominant power factor of the series intermediate frequency furnace is ≥96%.
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The inverter circuit to an intermediate frequency furnace tandem structure, called tandem intermediate frequency furnace, the apparatus is energy-saving products, having a power factor of 0.9 8 temperature rise fast speed, low power consumption, stable and reliable characteristics.


First, the IF part of the furnace in series:

Tandem intermediate frequency furnace including frequency power supply, inverters in series, aluminum furnace or a steel furnace (with a furnace can be selected)

Second, how to quickly choose a good series intermediate frequency furnace ?

                            Just look at 54 seconds and you will choose a series intermediate frequency furnace.                                                                                                    

Serial number


Series intermediate frequency furnace

Ordinary intermediate frequency furnace


Power Factor

Constant power factor 0.9 6

Power factor 0. 7 -0.92


Melting power consumption

550 ±5% kW.h/t (1600°C)

≤6 2 0±5% kW.h/t (1600°C)


Resonance mode

Voltage resonance, low loss of line (copper row and furnace ring)

Current resonance, large loss of line (copper row and furnace ring)



Low harmonics, low pollution to the grid

High harmonics, large pollution to the power grid


Start success rate

Start success rate 100%

It is difficult to start the device under heavy load conditions.



10%-20% higher

Low efficiency because of low power factor and large harmonic pollution


Easy to use

Achieve one-to-one, one-for-two, one-to-three, and other work modes

The parallel resonant power supply can only achieve one-to-one operation mode.



Complete protection

Relatively complete protection


Material costs

Higher material cost, rectification increases filter capacitance, voltage resonance component parameters select high value

Lower material cost, without increasing the rectifier filter capacitor, a low current value of the parameter selection resonant Component

Description: 1. Power factor

The power factor of the series intermediate frequency furnace is high: ≥0.9 6 , because all the thyristors in the rectification part of the power supply are in the fully open state , the rectifier circuit is always in the all-on state, and the rising power is realized by adjusting the voltage of the series inverter bridge . Therefore, the entire operation process (including low power, medium power, high power) can ensure that the equipment is always in a high efficiency stage.

Ordinary intermediate frequency furnace power factor is low: ≤0. 92 , because all the thyristors in the rectification part of the power supply are in a semi-open state (adding additional compensation according to the requirements of the national power grid). The power regulation of the parallel line is adjusted by the rectification conduction angle, so At low power, the power factor of the power system is very low, generally between 40% and 80%; the high harmonics are large and seriously interfere with the power grid .

Third, the price series with intermediate frequency furnace


Rated Capacity

rated power

Price price ¥ (yuan)



One electric furnace

SDCL -250 kw



Total: ¥ 85000 Yuan

SDCL -400 kw



Total: ¥ 160000 yuan

SDCL -500 kw



Total: ¥ 185000 Yuan

SDCL - 8 00 kw


8 00

Total: ¥ 250000 Yuan

SDCL -1000 kw



Total: ¥ 280000 Yuan

SDCL -1 6 00 kw


1 6 00

Total: ¥ 380000 Yuan

SDCL -2000 kw



Total: ¥ 500000 Yuan

SDCL -3000 kw



Total: ¥ 700000 Yuan

SDCL -4000 kw



Total: ¥ 800000 yuan

SDCL -4500 kw



Total: ¥ 950000 Yuan


Fourth, the selection method of the series medium frequency furnace steel shell furnace body

Open furnace body, hob, tilting cylinder, inductor, yoke, high pressure carbonless hose, furnace and bottom casting, complete stainless steel water distributor, return water collector and clamp, etc. The wall is loaded with water and water.

uOpen steel frame structure, easy to maintain, overhaul, large-size H-shaped steel or square steel tube constitutes the basic structure of the hob, the overall structure is simple and sturdy, and the maximum furnace inclination angle is 95 degrees.

u Welded steel structure with appropriate support and clamping parts to fix the induction furnace coil and yoke; the upper part of the induction furnace is detachable, which makes it easier to replace the coil.

The heavy-duty steel members on both sides of the truss become the strongest support of the furnace body, providing the axis of hydraulic tilting, and the shaft center moves outward and moves up. Ensure that the taphole has the smallest trajectory and reduce the energy loss of tapping.

The copper tube of the induction coil is assembled with a solid, durable and highly conductive TU1 oxygen-free copper tube with a purity of 99.9% and a wall thickness of ≥5 mm. The coil is supplied with cooling water from multiple water channels and evenly distributed. Shot blasting and purging, then enter the drying room for baking, sprayed with insulating ceramic paint or tightly wrapped with insulating material. The insulation level must be Class H. The induction coil was subjected to a pressure test for 10 hours under a water pressure of 10 kg/cm 2 . The upper end and the lower end of the induction coil are respectively equipped with a shield ring and a short-circuit ring to fully absorb the leakage flux at the upper and lower ends to prevent the furnace body from heating. The induction coil is energized and the water-cooled cable is in the form of a side lead.

The yoke yoke is evenly stressed by the buck bolt and provides maximum compression to the coil to ensure a long working life of the lining. The yoke is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The tolerance of the shearing edge of the silicon steel sheet after processing is <0.1mm. The bending degree after assembly meets the requirements of TB/T4280-93 to ensure the arc-shaped contact between the coil and the yoke. , precision fit. At the same time, multiple sets of yoke fastening devices are firm and reliable, easy to assemble, disassemble, adjust and repair, and evenly distributed along the circumference (error ≦0.5), covering the coil area of more than 55%; the lining and the interlining between the coils are multi-layer high Insulating material of quality, including multi-layer mica plate, multi-layer ceramic fiber board, yoke is water-cooled.

Five, the advantages of series intermediate frequency furnace :

( 1 ) The rectifier circuit is always in the all-on state, and the boost power is realized by adjusting the frequency of the series inverter bridge. Therefore, throughout the operation (including low power, medium power, high power). 
( 2 ) Power system power factor ≥ 9 6 % . 
( 3 ) The high-order harmonics reach the standard without interference to the power grid. 
(4) and the associated power line is adjusted by adjusting the conduction angle of the rectifier, thus at low power, low power system power factor, typically 40% to 80%; harmonic large, severe interference power, to overcome The above shortcomings, so our company specially designed a series inverter FM power supply to meet user needs. 
( 5 ) Small size and low installation cost. 
( 6 ) Simple operation. 
( 7 ) The starting success rate is 100% . 
( 8 ) One series intermediate frequency power supply can work with 2 furnaces at the same time, the power can be distributed freely, and there is no need to change the furnace switching mechanism. 
( 9 ) Constant power output, if the grid voltage rises or decreases, the power output can be kept constant, and the full power output can be ensured. 
( 10 ) The power frequency of the power grid does not need to be compensated. 
( 11 ) It has 2 sets of power supply batch production capacity. 
(12) may be continuously melted or heated incubated at accurate temperature when needed. 
( 13 ) The preheating and sintering of the two furnaces are carried out simultaneously.

6, the main purpose of the intermediate frequency furnace in series

Mainly used in tandem intermediate frequency furnace melting of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys, having a high melting efficiency, energy-saving effect, a uniform metal composition, burning small, quick temperature rise, easy to control temperature, etc., suitable for all melting metals.

7. What information does the customer need to provide to the supplier before purchasing the series intermediate frequency furnace ?

1. IF series arrangement space heaters have desirable to provide plant layout area and

2. The customer needs to provide the capacity of the transformer, the magnitude of the incoming line voltage, and the frequency of the incoming line voltage.

3. The series intermediate frequency furnace needs water cooling equipment, and the customer requires configuration whether it contains water cooling equipment.

4, a series of intermediate frequency furnace furnace furnace structure iron and aluminum furnace shell, the furnace structure designated customer needs

Eight , schematic diagram of the configuration scheme of the series intermediate frequency furnace



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