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Ds-600 bearing induction heater-bearing induction heater

Introduce:Ds-600 bearing induction heater product description, technical performance, product advantages, operating instructions, Ds-600 bearing induction heater use precautions. 
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Ds- 600 details


Ds- 600 induction heater



Voltage and current:


Adapt to the inner diameter of the bearing:

φ > 114mm

Maximum bearing outer diameter:


Maximum bearing width:


Maximum bearing load:


Machine quality:




Heating rod configuration:

150, 100, 80mm


Ds- 600 parameter table


60 KVA

temperature control

0 - 240 ° C

Free warranty

3 years


380V / 50Hz

time control

0 - 99'59''

time control




Rotating device


Continuous installation


Adapt to bearing inner diameter

φ >114mm

Horizontal heating bracket


Temperature retention


Maximum bearing outer diameter




Automatic demagnetization


Maximum bearing width


Magnetic temperature probe


Automatic power reduction


Maximum bearing weight(Kg)


Column height


Control panel (display )


Other parts(Kg)


Column size(mm)


Heating rod standard

150×150( mm )

Host weight

1250 Kg



Heating rod matching

100×100( mm )

80×80 (mm )


First. Overview

This product is used in conjunction with metal parts. Using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the metal parts are heated to an aperture sufficient to easily reach the axial position without causing any damage to the workpiece or the shaft.

The whole process of heating the workpiece to the workpiece is controlled by a microcomputer. Safe, reliable, efficient, easy to use, and set three operating modes (time control mode, temperature control mode and temperature hold mode) for the operator to choose.

Second, technical performance

(1) Working conditions

1 , the power supply voltage exchange 380 ( V )

2 , the maximum working current is 158 amps ( A )

3 , working frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz ( Hz )

4 , power 60.0KVA

(2) Working mode and advantages

1. Temperature control mode, set the measurement range from 0 to 240 °C.

2 , time control mode, set the measurement range 0~99 minutes and 59 seconds.

3. Temperature hold: Press the temperature hold button to enter the temperature hold state when the heated workpiece reaches the set temperature.

4. This product has the function of soft start during operation, which reduces the impact on the device during start-up and prolongs the service life; when the power is off, the soft stop mode is adopted to realize the function of automatically removing the residual magnetism of the workpiece.

(3) Digital display and audio prompts

1. Temperature setting, the heating device preset temperature value is 110 °C.

2. The time setting can be set arbitrarily within 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

3. At the end of each heating cycle, there is an audio signal prompt.

4. When the sensor is not working normally, the device has an audio signal prompt.

(4) Heating the workpiece range

Heating workpiece inner diameter > 114mm

Heating workpiece outer diameter < 2000mm

Heating workpiece maximum thickness 600mm

Third, Ds -600 bearing instructions to use induction heater

1. Ensure that the power supply voltage is accurate.

2. Plug the unit's power plug into a power outlet. When the switch on the side of the machine casing is turned on, the digital tube lights up and the temperature is 110 °C. At this time, the heating device is in the temperature control mode.

3. Press ▲▼ key to select the temperature value of the workpiece to be heated.

4. Press the START button to start the heating device to heat the heated workpiece.

5. When the heating device works to the set temperature value, the device will automatically stop and have an audible prompt.

6. If the temperature hold function is required , just press the temperature to keep it before proceeding to the fourth operation.

7. If the time control mode is adopted, the time control mode can be entered by pressing the button after power on, and the time setting value can be arbitrarily selected within 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Press ▲▼ key to select the heating time for the workpiece. Press the START button to start the heating deviceafter the selected time . This timing method is countdown. When the heating device is operated for a set time, there is an audible prompt and it automatically stops. (Time setting method: press the key once to enter the "seconds" is set, press the key twice to enter the "minute" setting each press "▲ ▼" key once, to increase or decrease the clock 1, and hold. Do not move, the clock changes continuously.)

8. When using the time control mode, there is no need to use the temperature sensor. In this case, the temperature sensor should be removed from the workpiece to prolong the service life of the sensor.

Forth, Ds -600 bearing induction heater Notes

1 , can only be used at 380V voltage.

2. It is strictly forbidden to start the heating device with no load.

3. Make sure the cap is in place before pressing START .

4. When using the temperature control mode, the sensor should be reliably adsorbed on the inside of the workpiece, and the contact surface should be kept clean. If the E03 prompt appears: Please check if the sensor is connected or the workpiece is too large; if repeated prompts: Please check if the sensor is damaged.

5. Items that are susceptible to magnetic fields should be kept away. For example, cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, magnetic tapes, magnetic cards, etc., the safety distance is 2 meters. 


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