Quenching and tempering furnaces

Introduce:Quenching and tempering heating furnace is suitable for round steel,steel pipe,round pipe, round bar heating quenching and tempering,providing quenching and tempering heating furnace composition selection method,quenching and tempering heating furnace body structure selection,quenching And tempering furnace power supply selection method,quenching and tempering furnace parameters selection method.
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Quenching and tempering furnace

The quenching and tempering heating furnace is mainly composed of an intermediate frequency power supply, a heating inductor, an automatic feeding device, a pressure roller quick discharging device, an infrared temperature measuring device and a central console. By supporting different sensors, the heating of the workpiece can be realized, the heating temperature and the radial temperature difference can meet the process requirements, and the insulation can be realized, and the temperature of each steel pipe is automatically recorded. The specification of the steel bar is φ7~12mm< Material 30MnSi> quenching temperature 950 °C, so the heating equipment uses medium frequency, super audio multi-frequency hybrid heating, its power and frequency are respectively configured as follows: 250kw/6kHZ (thyristor intermediate frequency), 100~200kw/20kHZ, 160kw/50 kHZ ( IGBT super audio power supply) tempering temperature 425 ° C, using 160kw / 6 kHZ intermediate frequency power supply, production running speed of 50 ~ 60m / min (φ9), heating power consumption of 300 degrees / ton, all power supply with internal and external control functions using current medium voltage The double closed loop feature ensures that the quenching and tempering temperature does not change with external factors. Since the production line is a continuous uninterrupted working mode, the whole production line is controlled by PLC and touch screen. The actual transmission adopts frequency conversion type to adjust and adjust the whole production line. Compared with the traditional slip motor and DC speed regulation, the control precision is high and the adjustment range is high. Wide, smoother operation.


Equipment name: quenching and tempering furnace 
Workpiece material: carbon steel alloy steel 
Workpiece size: diameter 10 mm or more 
Power range: 1 6 0 - 1 000KW 
Closed-loop temperature control: US Leitai two-color thermometer to control temperature 
Control system: PLC human-machine interface automatic intelligent control

Process description and working process of round tube, quenching and tempering furnace :

1,   Heat treatment process: steel pipe is placed on the loading platform by the crane to carry out the baling → feeding machine feeding → variable frequency feeding roller road to transport the steel pipe forward → quenching medium frequency induction heating sensor (low temperature) furnace, (high temperature) furnace heating to 950 °C infrared temperature measurement and feedback composition closed-loop control adjustment medium frequency induction heating furnace power → spray quenching → lift the pipe through the turning machine and put it on the residual water draining device in the pipe → lift the pipe back through the turning machine On the hot roller road → (low temperature) tempering induction heating furnace → (high temperature) tempering medium frequency induction heating sensor (heating) heating to 450 ~ 760 ° C infrared temperature measurement and feedback composition closed loop control adjustment medium frequency induction heating furnace power → turning machine → Chain bi-directional cooling bed → turning machine → discharging .




2, quenching and tempering furnace parameters summary


Control System

Supporting power supply

Φ 10- Φ 28mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 42- Φ 48mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 35- Φ 60mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30- Φ 110mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 80- Φ 110mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 73.2- Φ 88.9mm- Φ 139.7mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 95- Φ 114mm

PLC intelligent control


Customized production according to the actual needs of customers


The quenching and tempering heating furnace adopts intelligent series resonant intermediate frequency power supply control features:

● Parallel resonance design, phase shifting and power adjustment, the equipment is mature and stable; it has more advantages in the high power range above 3000KW.

● DSP control, the speed capture phase lock starts, meets frequent start and stop, and the success rate is 100%.

● Variable frequency variable load adaptation, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, induction furnace replacement automatic matching, no manual adjustment is required.

●T2 copper copper row in the cabinet, sandblasted and passivated; low leakage and anti-oxidation, effectively reducing line loss.

● Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict hierarchical authority. The main parameters can be restored to the factory settings with one key.

● The device has self-protection function (overcurrent, overvoltage, water pressure, phase loss, undervoltage, overload). If it encounters the situation, the device has self-diagnosis function.

Quenching and tempering furnace configuration and characteristics:

1. Quenching medium frequency power supply range: KGPS160-1300KW

2. Tempering medium frequency power supply range: KGPS160-750KW

3, quenching, tempering sensor (including capacitor group, water, gas, etc.)

4. Closed cooling system for intermediate frequency power supply and sensor

5, copper row connection wire (connection between power cabinet and induction furnace)

6, input and output system (the workpiece rotates on one side, the average speed feeds on one side, and the operation is stable, the speed is adjustable, the heating is more uniform)

7, quenching, tempering spray system

8. Quenching and tempering infrared temperature measuring device (with American Leitai infrared thermometer to display the temperature of the workpiece in real time, so that the workpiece can be viewed at any time during the quenching and tempering process)

9, Plc control system, (can control the operation of the entire mechanical part, man-machine interface, all digital, highly humanized operation)

10, the central console (including frequency control and temperature control, Huayan industrial computer, remote start, etc.) its role is to operate the entire quenching and tempering equipment directly on the center console, only one person can operate the entire set of equipment , saving labor and saving costs.

What is the steel tube quenching and tempering heat treatment production line?

The quenching and tempering heating furnace is composed of a feeding mechanism, a conveying roller, a quenching induction heating system, a spraying system, a tempering induction heating system, a discharging mechanism, an induction heating power supply, a PLC main control console, and other devices. Can be selected according to the actual situation.

Which industry is the quenching and tempering furnace production line used in?

Application areas of quenching and tempering furnaces: blade quenching and tempering lines for the construction machinery industry, quenching and tempering lines for auto parts for the automotive industry, oil drill pipe quenching and tempering lines for the petroleum industry, mining machinery Steel pipe steel plate quenching and tempering production line, rail quenching and tempering production line for railway industry, wind power bolt quenching and tempering production line for wind power industry.


Performance characteristics of quenching and tempering furnaces :

1. The quenching and tempering production line has simple structure and reliable performance, which can meet different heat treatment processing requirements, and the equipment is easy to operate and convenient to maintain;

2. The processed products are beautiful in appearance and strong in production capacity. Adopting the principle of electromagnetic induction heating , the processed product has excellent quality, uniform heating and small temperature difference of the core surface;

3, quenching and tempering production line production line control system advanced, precise control, automatic control system provides manual control, feed control, constant power control and other modes of operation to choose from. The automatic monitoring system can know the running status of the equipment in real time, which is beneficial to the performance of the equipment;

4, structural optimization design, long service life, quenching and tempering production line induction coil heating workpiece non-contact, no friction, high reliability, extending the service life of the equipment;

5, quenching and tempering production line equipment operating costs are low, split structure design, reduce equipment occupation of the workshop space, equipment components and reasonable layout of maintenance and maintenance is simple and convenient, lower operating costs.

What are the configurations of quenching and tempering furnaces ?

The user needs are different and the configuration is different. The basic configuration of the quenching and tempering furnace includes: induction heating system, storage rack (loading rack and discharge rack), induction heating power supply (IGBT induction heating power supply or KGPS induction heating). Power supply, PLC console, etc., other options: infrared thermometer, power transformer, cooling tower, etc. These can be used by professional manufacturers of quenching and tempering furnaces to provide you with detailed design solutions.

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