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Steel ladle, use of ladle roaster

Gasoline, electricity, gas-fired heating ladle baking, to provide customers 0.5T / 1T / 3.5T / 5T / 6T / 12T ladle , tundish by baking, simple, energy efficient, safe and reliable. It can meet the requirements of slow drying and baking of new masonry, and also meet the requirements of rapid heating before tapping. The use of advanced heating methods is simpler, safer, more reliable and energy efficient than traditional baking machines. The lining of the cover is made of a full-aluminum silicate refractory fiber needle-punched blanket with excellent thermal insulation properties. After special construction and combination into a full-fiber lining, the insulation effect is excellent, and has been favored by the majority of users. 
The traditional type of baking machine is only equivalent to a large burner . The baking heat efficiency is low , the baking time is relatively long , the ladle can only be preheated to 700 ~ 800 °C , and the flame is outside when baking , the smoke is very large , serious Polluted environment . The new high-efficiency and energy-saving electric heating baking bag adopts electric heating method . The upper part of the baking bag is made of stainless steel, which is sealed and heated to clean and save energy.

Application: mainly used in the ladle , ladle , aluminum ladle , cupola before the drying furnace.




Ladle, ladle gas roaster

Main parameters and price of ladle and ladle roaster

1 , baking ability:                              0.5-12T steel ladle 
2 , rated heating power:                          20KW-- 
3 , power supply parameters:                         380V , dual phase, 50HZ 
4 , the highest working temperature:                           1000 °C 
5 , the number of heating zones:                               Zone 1 
6 : Heating time:                               ≤ 1h                   
7 , temperature control method:                    Adopt automatic temperature control, with sound and light over temperature alarm 
8 , lifting method:                             Lifting

Security protection system: in case of an accident such as over-temperature, can automatically sound and light alarm



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