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Steel ( iron ) package baking is one of the important links in the steel production process. It is mainly used for the baking of various steel ( iron ) water tanks for new building, cold repair, drying, turnover and rapid on-line heating . The performance of the baking device has a great influence on the tapping temperature, the steelmaking operation rate, and the furnace age. Ladle baking is between the two main production processes of steelmaking and continuous casting. The baking temperature of ladle plays an important role in coordinating the overall production, and the significance of continuous casting production is more important. The heat loss of molten steel from the steelmaking process to the continuous casting process is very large, and the heat storage loss of the ladle accounts for about half of the heat loss of the molten steel. If the ladle baking method is not used, the thermal energy loss of the molten steel is compensated to ensure the molten steel. The temperature at the time of pouring is necessary to increase the tapping temperature of the molten steel, but this brings about a series of problems. First of all, to increase the tapping temperature, it is necessary to increase the smelting time, increase the consumption of raw materials, and increase the cost of steel per ton. Secondly, the lining erosion speed is accelerated and the furnace age is reduced. Therefore, it is of great significance to increase the baking temperature of the ladle, reduce the tapping temperature, increase the life of the furnace, increase the steel output, reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce the cost per ton of steel, and ensure the direct casting of continuous casting.


The gas-fired baking machine is mainly composed of a cover, a bracket mechanism, a combustion-supporting fan, a combustion-supporting air pipeline system, a gas main road system, a gas sub-pipe system, a transfer trolley, and a control system.

Main parameters and price of ladle and ladle roaster

1 , baking ability:                              0.5-12T steel ladle 
2 , rated heating power:                          20KW-- 
3 , power supply parameters:                         380V , dual phase, 50HZ 
4 , the highest working temperature:                           1000 °C 
5 , the number of heating zones:                               Zone 1 
6 : Heating time:                               ≤ 1h                   
7 , temperature control method:                    Adopt automatic temperature control, with sound and light over temperature alarm 
8 , lifting method:                             Lifting

Security protection system: in case of an accident such as over-temperature, can automatically sound and light alarm


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