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The strip steel is a strip steel product which is rolled by a cold rolling process of a small and medium-sized production line with respect to a steel coil.

The use of cold-rolled strip steel can be described as a wide range. According to the later processing methods, it can be divided into the following types:

   (1) Belt type: such as strapping tape, armored cable belt, etc .;

   (2) Pipe type: such as thin-walled pipe (including furniture pipe), composite pipe, winding pipe, etc .;

   (3) Cold-formed profiles: such as slide rails, keels, plastic steel linings, cable trays ;

   (4) Profiled steel plates: such as rolling shutters, steel wall cladding for building structures, roof slabs, etc.;

   (5) Stamping plate: such as battery case, automobile board, and home appliance board.

The key processes of cold rolling: one is pickling, the other is cold rolling, the third is heat treatment, and the fourth is flat. Pickling is to remove the iron oxide scale on the surface of the raw steel coil which is harmful to cold rolling; cold rolling is the key process for producing cold rolled strip steel; heat treatment has two functions in the cold rolling process, one is to eliminate the cold rolled strip Work hardening and residual stress, soften the metal, improve plasticity for further cold rolling or other processing; second, improve the structure of the structure, produce the required grain size and orientation; leveling is an important process in the finishing process, It can improve the performance of the strip, improve the formability of the steel sheet, improve the flatness of the steel strip and improve the surface state of the steel sheet. Definition of cold rolling process: Rolling is a pressure processing method in which the metal blank passes through the gap (various shapes) of a pair of rotating rolls, which is reduced in cross section and increased in length by compression of the rolls, which is commonly used in the production of steel. In the manner, cold rolling is a rolling process which is completed at a normal temperature, and the raw material used is a hot rolled rolled strip (roll).



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